6 Hot New Film Releases This October

6 Hot New Film Releases This October
October 3, 2018 Felicity Anderson

October Film Releases you Have to Watch this Season | CashLady

There are heaps of fantastic new October film releases this month, so pick up your popcorn and prepare for some serious entertainment.

Perfect for date night, a Halloween horror fest or good old family fun, here we round up the six hot new film releases this month.

October film releases

#1 Venom

The Venom movie is based on the popular Spider-Man spinoff character, which is one of Marvel Comics’ most notorious villains.

There’s already lots of hype around this movie and it’s gearing up to be one of the best comic book films ever – with the highly acclaimed Tom Hardy in the role of journalist Eddie Brock.

Consumed with trying to take down Carlton Drake, founder of the Life Foundation, Brock’s body merges with alien Venom, resulting in some new and dangerous abilities.

Pass the popcorn!

Perfect for: Adventure and comic book lovers

Rated 15, released on 3 October

#2 A Star is Born

One of the most anticipated October film releases, A Star is Born, features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, who takes on his first directorial role in a feature film.

Tipped by Forbes to win Best Picture at this year’s Academy Awards, the film is a remake of the romantic musical drama A Star Is Born.

Centred around the entertainment industry, it’s a musical with a cracking cast and great critic reviews.

Expect a heart-warming tale that will have you laughing, crying and potentially singing along.

Perfect for: date night

Rated 15, released on 3 October

“…A Star Is Born is a magnificent, emotional, beautiful production that entertains and thrills you while it makes you laugh and cheer, but also while it makes you cry and breaks your heart.” Forbes 

#3 Bad Times at the El Royale

Bad Times at The El Royale is a star-studded new release from The Cabin in The Woods writer-director, featuring plenty of similar twists and turns.

Based in a rundown hotel with a dark past, it focuses on one truly terrifying night experienced by seven guests, each with secrets of their own.

The cast includes Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm, Cailee Spaeny, Lewis Pullman, Nick Offerman and Chris Hemsworth.

Perfect for: Horror lovers

Rated TBC, released on 12 October

#4 First Man

First Man tells the story of Neil Armstrong and everything that went wrong on the way to Apollo 11’s success.

Played by Ryan Gosling, the story focuses on Neil Armstrong’s grief over the death of his daughter, placing it within the context of his massive achievements in space.

Perfect for: Date night, the family with older kids

Rated 12A, released on 12 October

“First Man is one of the most intense space movies of all time.” The Verge

#5 Halloween

It wouldn’t be October without watching a new release from behind your fingers.

Halloween is a reboot of ‘Halloween,’ the original slasher movie that came out in 1978 and has terrified us ever since.

Forty years after Laurie Strode was terrorised by Michael Myers at ‘Halloween’, she comes to her final confrontation with the masked killer who has haunted her life.

A sequel to the original, we see Jamie Lee Curtis reprise one of her most iconic roles for her final showdown with The Shape.

Perfect for: Horror fans, Halloween lovers

Rated TBC, released 19 October

#6 Johnny English Strikes Again

Less Halloween and more of a family film, Johnny English Strikes Again is the latest instalment of the popular comedy franchise.

An enormous cyber-attack on the British secret service exposes the identity of all their undercover agents, and ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ is an attempt to save the day.

Starring Rowan Atkinson and Ben Miller, English and his partner Bough must track down the mastermind hacker – despite no grasp of modern technology whatsoever.

Perfect for: Family fun, a few laughs and light entertainment

Rated PG, released 5 October

“The “Austin Powers” movies took the same comic theme and ran with it in a far more ticklishly crackpot, laugh-out-loud merry-surreal way.” Variety

October Film Releases in Summary

October seems to be the perfect time of the year to pull out those cosy blankets and snuggle up with a great movie. With so many exciting films on the way, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice.

October Film Releases you Have to Watch this Season | CashLady

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