Common Mistakes People Make When They Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Common Mistakes People Make When They Paint Kitchen Cabinets
April 18, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Common Mistakes People Make When They Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Have you sourced your kitchen cabinet inspiration on Pinterest? Got your paint brushes ready? Don’t make the common mistakes that people make when they paint kitchen cabinets themselves.

Done well, freshly painted kitchen cabinets will breathe new life into a tired kitchen but done badly, and they will let down the whole look of your kitchen, potentially costing lots in time and money to fix.

From failing to properly prepare to rushing the job, here CashLady highlights the common mistakes people make when they paint kitchen cabinets so that you don’t have to.

Underestimating the time needed to paint kitchen cabinets

It might seem like a small job but taking ample time to prepare your cabinets and then paint them properly is essential – this isn’t a DIY job that can be done quickly over a weekend.

Done right, you could be looking at four to seven days of prepping, painting and drying your kitchen cabinets to perfection.

Overestimating your kitchen cabinet painting skills

There’s more to painting your kitchen cabinets than meets the eye and it’s going to involve plenty of elbow grease, patience and time.

Don’t think you’ve got what it takes? Ask around for recommendations and call in the professionals or arm yourself with everything that you need to know beforehand and take your time.

Failing to prepare the cabinets

In all the excitement of the new look for your kitchen cabinets it’s easy to get carried away and get straight to the painting – this, however, is a big mistake.

Putting in the preparation work at the beginning of the job will help ensure a flawless result.

Spend the time required to deep clean the wood with grease remover, sand the cabinets so that the paint will stick and then vacuum around your workspace to capture any stray particles or debris that could stick in the paint.

Not removing the doors and drawers

Before doing anything, first remove the doors, drawers, knobs and hinges. Yes, it will take a little longer, but this will ensure it’s done right.

Painting everything, including the hinges, is a classic cabinet painting mistake as the paint will very quickly chip and crack, meaning that you will need to sand off all your hard work and start the whole process again.

Picking the wrong colour for your kitchen cabinets

Common Mistakes People Make When They Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Be sure about your colour choice before you paint kitchen cabinets because once on, the colour is very difficult to remove.

Don’t rush into selecting your paint colour and make use of testers, which you can paint onto poster board and then hang in your kitchen to see how well it blends with space and your furniture and appliances.

Scrimping on the paint for your kitchen cabinets

Good quality paint provides a smoother finish than cheaper options and you won’t require vast amounts so stretch as far as you can for your budget.

Pick up a foam roller while you are shopping for your paint then follow your brush strokes with it for a super sleek finish free from brush marks.

Not testing your products before applying them to your cabinets

Set aside a small test area on the cabinets to sample each finishing product and procedure before you start your painting job.

This helps ensure that you purchased the right products, that you’re applying them correctly and that the Common mistakes people make when they paint kitchen cabinetssurface is absorbing the product as intended.

Rushing to put your cabinets back up

Being too hasty to bring your kitchen cabinets back into commission after painting is a very common mistake.

Waiting for the paint to cure properly ensures no pesky smudges so allow plenty of drying time before touching your new cabinets and putting them back in place.

Painting your cabinets in extreme weather

You have probably set aside a few days for your cabinet painting project but if the weather is super-hot or super cold then it’s much better to reschedule.

The kitchen doors and windows will need to be kept open for adequate ventilation as you work and the paint simply won’t set correctly if it’s really hot.