How people are making money today using Pokémon Go

How people are making money today using Pokémon Go
July 25, 2016 Cheryl Lewis
How people are making money today using Pokémon Go

If you have not yet heard of Pokémon Go, you must have been living under a Geodude. That’s a rock type Pokémon, for those not familiar with the reference.

The new smartphone game has taken the world by storm. By July 11th 2016, just five days after its US release. Pokémon Go got used by more users each day than social networking website Twitter.

This game allows players to use their devices whilst walking around the real world. At certain landmarks, players will find Pokéstops or Pokémon gyms. All around the world, there are little digital Pokémon just waiting to get discovered.

Pokémon Go: Making money using a smartphone game

Research has also shown that people are spending more time playing Pokémon Go. More than they are spending browsing Facebook. Which is an impressive statistic. Especially given that people are rarely away from Mark Zuckerberg’s all-powerful creation.

People of all ages are engaging with Pokémon Go experience. What’s more, they’re finding ways to make money from the latest craze.

Whether Pokémon Go is a fad or will be around for years to come. These people are earning an income from everyone’s favourite new smartphone game.

Pokémon Go lemonade stand sellers

Over in the US, enterprising young minds are taking advantage of thirsty Pokémon trainers.

By setting up lemonade stands at the site of Pokéstops. Real life places that can get used within the game to access Pokéballs, potions, Pokémon eggs. And other handy goodies – America’s youngest entrepreneurs are reportedly earning hundreds of dollars.

The most effective are those that create a bit of competition between Pokémon teams. Each player joins a team when they reach Level 5 in the game. Choosing from three options all with an associated colour.

Some children are categorising their products by colour. Encouraging Pokémon Go players to support their team with their snack and drink purchases.

Pokémon Go taxi services

Do you have a car and a driving license? If so, you could join the growing number of people that are offering a Pokémon taxi service.

Drivers are charging money to take players from Pokéstop to Pokéstop. Or to the various Pokémon gyms, or places where rare Pokémon can get found.

People that don’t have their own transport. Or would prefer to be able to play on the move as a passenger, are taking advantage of Pokémon taxi services. The best money makers are those with their own knowledge about the best locations in a town or city. Saving the player from doing their research.

Be aware that inviting strangers into your car. Or getting into someone else’s vehicle, can be dangerous.

Pokémon egg hatcher

If you have a trustworthy face, you may be able to make money as a Pokémon egg hatcher.

People currently doing this job will take someone’s phone and walk with it. Hopefully returning it in exchange for their payment.

You need to walk to hatch Pokémon eggs. With the best eggs requiring 10km of walking before they are ready to hatch. Other eggs need 5km or 2km covered on foot. Using a car won’t work. Because the game stops recording your distance whenever you move at high speeds.

People willing to walk can enjoy a bit of extra cash. Strolling around their local area with a stranger’s smartphone.

Again, there are risks involved. As the Pokémon egg hatcher, what would happen if you lost or broke someone’s phone? As the Pokémon trainer, relaxing at home, there is a chance that your phone will not return.

Pokémon Go player

Taking the lack of involvement a step further, some Pokémon Go players are choosing not to play at all!

Where players want the strongest and rarest Pokémon. Or would like their names attached to gyms. Or want to build up an impressive supply of Pokéballs without stepping away from their own homes. They are turning to other Pokémon Go players to do it all on their behalf.

If you are willing to spend your own time battling at Pokémon gyms. And standing for hours at a Pokéstop site. Or wandering in search of Pokémon that you will be catching on someone else’s phone. Then you could potentially make money by the hour.

The same warnings apply here. Be aware that you are in charge of someone else’s phone as the service provider. And that you may not get your phone back if you choose to make use of this service.

Pokémon Go trainer

A Pokémon Go trainer is not a Pokémon Trainer.

A Pokémon Trainer is someone that travels around collecting and raising Pokémon. Perhaps battling them in gyms. A Pokémon Go trainer is someone that is charging money, to teach others how to play the smartphone game.

Being a Pokémon Go trainer could be a fast way to earn some extra cash, at least until people know what they are doing. For a small payment, you can explain how to find and catch Pokémon. Also how to battle in the gyms and how to make the most of items in the inventory.

To be an effective Pokémon Go trainer, you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the game. There are some tips and tricks that the average player has not yet discovered.

Selling your Pokémon Go account

Account sales often happen with games that need commitment, time and energy. People build up their own accounts, then sell them off to make a profit.

Players that have spent time finding and raising Pokémon have sold their accounts. To people that want a fast track to the strongest and most impressive Pokémon. They may be willing to pay for a pre-populated account.

Remember that there are risks to consider when meeting someone in person. To exchange cash and password details. There are also risks to exchanging online. Be careful about transferring money to someone that promises Pokémon Go account details. Because they may not deliver on their promise.

Also be aware that selling an account is against the game’s terms and conditions. Both seller and buyer could find themselves banned from the game. More so should the makers find out about the sale.

Selling Pokémon merchandise

The world’s favourite pocket monsters have been around since 1996. This means that people have had 20 years to create Pokémon merchandise, to buy it and to store it in their attics.

If you have any old Pokémon trading cards, games, toys or furnishings, now is the time to dig them out.

Pokémon Go has reminded a previous generation of their love for all things Pokémon. Many players are now in their 20s and 30s. Most of these players will have old Pokémon toys. Now collectable, wasting away in their storage boxes.

Meanwhile, a new generation of Pokémon fans is getting created. Young people that were born long after 1996 and will have no first-hand experience of the original Pokémon craze. But will now be looking to collect the merchandise that they originally missed out on.

Players of all ages will be looking for Pokémon products. Especially as the popularity of the franchise returns to its original height.

Pokémon Go: is it free to play?

If you have an idea about a way to make money using Pokémon Go. Then you should ensure that what you’re planning is safe and legal.

Also ensure that you are factoring in the costs of playing Pokémon Go.

Whilst the game is free and the costs are small, you may get taken by surprise.

As well as in-game prices to buy extra Pokéballs and other useful items. Always remember that your game will use some of your mobile data. As people begin to receive their first monthly bills since downloading Pokémon Go. There may be some that get shocked about the size of their phone bill.

It is possible to sign up for ‘Always On’ data. which will ensure that you will not run out of data when playing Pokémon Go. If you plan to play the game often. Then choosing Always On data is likely to be much cheaper long term than paying for extra GBs.

Most of the above ways to make money using Pokémon Go will not cost much at all. At most, you are likely to be paying for Pokéballs, vehicle fuel or the occasional new pair of walking boots. Despite this, it is important not to get swept up in a craze that could cost a lot of money.

Are you making money with Pokémon Go?

Have you made any money whilst playing Pokémon Go? Do you have an idea for a way to make money, that you are willing to share with other people?

Now is your chance to comment with your thoughts about Pokémon Go as a money making opportunity.