How to make your new year job search more productive

How to make your new year job search more productive
February 20, 2019 Felicity Anderson

How to make your new year job search more productive

A job search can often feel like a job in itself. Even the CashLady team had to start somewhere.

If you’ve decided that 2019 is the year for a new job then it’s time to start looking for the role that’s right for you.

With so many jobs to choose from and so many websites advertising new positions, it can be tricky to know where to begin and then keep on top of your search.

Today we look at how to make your new year job search more productive, including making a plan, carving out specific job searching time and thinking about what you really want from your new career.

New year new job

Experts say the new year is a good time to start your job search.

Both candidates and recruiters are said to come back to work full of energy after the Christmas break and companies are more likely to start advertising new positions after the festive lull.

With lots of people looking for their dream job at the same time, how do you ensure that your search is productive?

Looking for a new job requires concentration and resilience.

Planning your search right and staying organised will help maintain momentum and ensure that you get the best results.

Consider your salary options too. If you don’t manage to find a position that covers your monthly expenses, it could make things hard for you. Check out our credit market analysis where we cover the top businesses whose employees turn to short term loans to cover additional expenses.

Plan out your job search

A job search is no different from any other project that you take on, and so a plan of action is required at the outset.

Looking for a job while maintaining your current job and personal life is going to be time-consuming so it’s important that you maximise your allocated hours.

Putting a plan in place will involve first tidying up your CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, listing the type of companies and roles that you are looking for and then blocking off a specific amount each day for your job search.

Be realistic.  Job searching takes time and so does the application process so you may find that your hobbies or relaxation time is going to have to take a back seat or a while.

How to make your new year job search more productive

Productive job searching time

You’ve allocated your daily job search time but are you being as productive as possible?

Job searching time is precious and the most important part is finding the right roles and submitting high-quality applications.

If you find that you are spending lots of time looking at jobs that you have already applied for to see if they are still available or how many people applied, or you’re applying for jobs just for the sake of it – then re-evaluate your job search strategy.

Automate your job search

Let your job search come to you.

An easy way to boost your productivity and ensure that you find the best roles for you is by creating job alerts on your favourite job sites.

Saving huge amounts of time sifting through job listings, simply enter the keywords that apply to you and you’ll receive relevant roles into your email inbox.

Also, remember to update your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters know that you’re open to a new role.

Be selective with your job search

Don’t apply for every job that you see.

It’s a far better use of your time to send high-quality job applications to a few jobs that you are qualified for and passionate about then applying for lots of jobs that you aren’t very interested in.

The job market is tough – your application needs to stand out so take the time to do it properly.

Send inquiry letters to companies you want to work for

Be proactive in your job search and contact those companies that you would like to work for.

Expressing interest at the right time could be the foot in the door that you need.

Make sure that you don’t waste the opportunity and that your CV and cover letter are tailored for the company and role that you want.

How to make your new year job search more productive

Keep a job search spreadsheet

If your job search is going well, then it’s likely to you are submitting applications to various companies and so it’s easy to lose track.

Creating a job search spreadsheet will help you stay in control.

Include the companies that you have applied to, when and with who you followed up and whether you have heard back.

Good luck with your new job search! Remember that the best things don’t always come easily.