Searching for work after a Job Loss

Searching for work after a Job Loss
September 13, 2017 Lauren Howells

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Looking for work can be difficult at the best of times. For those who are out of work and hunting for a new job, the stress levels can be extremely high. The added pressure of not having a regular pay cheque, can make what is already a demanding task, feel gruelling. 

CashLady takes a look at some tips that could help you to search for work, at the same time as keeping those stress levels as low as possible. 

Stick to a routine when you are looking for work

One of the most difficult things about losing a job is that your daily routine can disappear. It can be hard to motivate ourselves if we feel we do not have anything to get out of bed for.

Making a timetable and sticking to it, can help you to focus your job hunt and bring back a routine to your day.

It is important to make your timetable realistic. For example, it would be almost impossible (and not very productive) to plan to sit in front of your computer for 8 hours straight, with no breaks.  

Try to vary your timetable. For example, you could do 2 hours of job hunting online in the morning, then an hour writing cover letters or updating your CV in the afternoon. 

Add some form of outdoor exercise to your timetable if possible, even if it is only a walk around your local area. Studies have shown that exercising outdoors could be good for your mental well-being and may help you to feel more positive. 

If nothing else, everyone needs a screen break every now and then.

Use the internet

It used to be the case that you had to go out and get the local paper to see which jobs were available nearby. Although this is still a useful place to search for jobs, you can now also use the internet when you are looking for work.

Websites such as, and are good places to start and allow you to search for jobs based on different criteria.

The government also has a website to enable jobseekers to search and apply for jobs. This website also allows you to upload CVs that you can make ‘public’, so that employers who are looking for employees with your skillset, could invite you to apply for their roles.

Use your connections 

People sometimes say it’s about who you know. 

When it comes to job hunting, it can be beneficial to talk to friends and family (or even ex-colleagues) to see if they know of any suitable jobs.

Many people are ashamed to say that they are unemployed. Talking to friends and family could not only be good for your mental health, but they may also inform you of a job that you may have missed or which hasn’t yet been advertised online.

looking for work

Head to the streets with your CV 

It may seem old fashioned but sometimes it really does work.

Spend some time polishing your CV, then head out to your local area with an armful of printed copies.

Handing your CV over to employers in person can help you to become more memorable than those who simply send theirs in the post or via email.

Even if there are no vacancies at the moment, employers may have one open up in the future that you could be suitable for. 

Remember, this is your chance to make a good first impression, so dress the part.

Think ‘out of the box’ when looking for work

It can be tempting to take the easy route and head to the computer when searching for a new job.

Try thinking of new ways to get an employer’s attention.

One man made the headlines a few years ago when he reportedly hired a billboard to advertise the fact that he was looking for a job.

In the end, he received more than 100 job offers.

Obviously, not everyone could do this, but it does show that finding a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd, could help you to find a job. 


Looking for work when you have lost your job can be tough. By sticking to a routine and approaching job hunting in a ‘multi-pronged’ fashion, you could find yourself with a new job before you know it.