8 of the Cheapest Last Minute Getaways with No Additional Costs

8 of the Cheapest Last Minute Getaways with No Additional Costs
July 28, 2016 CashLady
All inclusive deals 2016

All inclusive deals 2016

All inclusive deals can be a great way to save money on your holiday.

If you have not yet planned a summer holiday or an autumn break. Then last minute holiday deals could tempt you to make a booking.

It is not always necessary to plan a holiday far in advance, and it can sometimes be a mistake to do so.

Reasons to book last minute

If you are unsure that you will have money available for a holiday. Then it is better to wait until you do than to book before you’re ready. Holidays are a luxury, rather than an essential.

Many holiday providers will promote great deals if you book in advance. Encouraging you to put down a deposit and commit as soon as possible. But searching for last minute deals can often result in even better prices.

As airlines and hotels seek to fill those last empty spaces, room rates and flight prices drop to their lowest levels.

This means that cheap deals on last minute getaways are often a better option. More so than up-front deposits to secure an earlier price.

As an extra benefit, booking last minute reduces the risk of unforeseen circumstances. Such as serious illness or a state of national emergency. As recently declared in Turkey and in France.

You might also want to look at last minute holiday deals if you have been unsure of your schedule. Or if you simply decide quite late in the year that you would like to take a break. Many people choose to book a last minute break when they take time off work. Rather than booking their time off to fit around an already-scheduled holiday.

Here are 8 last minute all inclusive deals that are great for an affordable holiday. With no extra costs and charges to take into account.

Prices are correct at the time of publication but may be subject to fluctuations. Some extras like private transfers and hold luggage allowances may be subject to extra charges:

Last Minute Deals: Marrakesh / Marrakech

A last minute escape to Morocco need not be expensive. This destination in North Africa might seem particularly exotic. But a holiday can flourish for only a little more than a stay at a European beach resort.

Deals on last minute Marrakesh holidays make it possible to spend a week in Africa. For a little over £800 per couple. This price includes flights, shuttle transfers, activities and entertainment. Also drinks, buffet meals, a la carte dinners, snacks and use of pool towels.

An affordable getaway to Morocco provides an opportunity to soak up the sun. Enjoying high temperatures, in summer 2016.

Marrakesh, also often written as Marrakech, provides opportunities for sightseeing. And for soaking up the bustling atmosphere of the souks and markets.

Getaways for Last Minute Holidays: Rhodes

Rhodes is a popular destination for cheap holidays abroad. A couple can travel from London Gatwick and spend 7 nights in Rhodes for less than £550.

An August last minute all inclusive break at the Summer Dream Hotel includes breakfast. As well as lunch and dinner, drinks, snacks and use of hotel facilities. The accommodation is close to the beach.

A holiday in Rhodes provides an opportunity to enjoy some summer sun, at a budget price. The island also has many bars and clubs. Along with lively nightlife throughout the peak season.

Rhodes is one of the most popular European tourist destinations.

All Inclusive Deals 2016: Ibiza

Ibiza has been a particularly popular holiday destination for decades. As well as being an inviting choice for families, it is a resort with lively nightlife.

Two people can book a twin room for an all inclusive holiday in Ibiza, spending less than £950 in total. This deal includes a week in Ibiza, within walking distance of the beach, with two pools on site.

The Ibiza holiday deal covers drinks from 11am. Also activities throughout the stay, buffet meals and snacks. Flights from Newcastle are also included.

There are many sport options available within hotel grounds. Making this a fun holiday destination for active travellers.

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. With many beaches where travellers can sunbathe by the Mediterranean Sea.

UK All Inclusive Holidays: Newquay

All inclusive holidays come at low prices when you book to stay in the UK. Though it can be tempting to immediately look overseas, staying in the UK can reduce your holiday costs.

You may also find that there are parts of the country different to the area that you live in. Staying in the UK does not necessarily mean that you will feel like you haven’t left home.

Cornwall is one of the most popular UK tourist destinations. Thanks to its warm weather and beautiful scenery. A five-day break for two people would cost less than £400. Including coach travel to Newquay from the North West of England.

Included in the price is transport, accommodation and cooked breakfasts. Also three-course evening meals, excursions, live entertainment and four drinks per day. Holidaymakers can choose to spend extra. But will be able to enjoy a getaway free from extra costs if they prefer to.

Cheap Last Minute Holidays: Costa Brava

It is possible to escape to Spain for a last minute holiday in Costa Brava, spending less than £400 for two people.

Stay a short walk from the beach enjoying buffet breakfasts. Plus a menu of lunches and evening meals, plus snacks and drinks. You can swim in the pool, relax on a rooftop solarium or explore Costa Brava itself. All inclusive guests can also enjoy free bike hire and on-site entertainment.

£400 last minute break covers flights from Manchester. And accommodation and food and drink whilst on holiday.

Costa Brava, on the north eastern coast of Spain, is a low-cost beach destination. Sunshine levels are high. But this holiday destination is easy to reach in just a few hours from your UK departure airport.

Last Minute All Inclusive: Bulgaria

With a complimentary shuttle bus to the beach, Bulgaria might be your ideal destination for getaways in 2016.

A couple can enjoy a last minute holiday for roughly £500, if flying from Norwich in August. The Hotel Panorama has a relaxed atmosphere. Making this a perfect place for a couple to settle down and rest. There are sports and wellness facilities on site, for slightly more active travellers.

All inclusive deals include flights and accommodation with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.

The Albena area of Bulgaria, where the Hotel Panorama is features long stretches of coastline and floral gardens.

A last minute holiday in Bulgaria is well suited to people that want to escape for fresh air. Along with occasional exercise and plenty of relaxation.

All Inclusive Deals 2016: Corfu

Getaways to Corfu can be all inclusive. With flights from London Stansted, for less than £500 per couple. Couples looking for holiday deals can visit Corfu and stay less than 500 metres from the beach. With a 7 day holiday in August.

This Greek holiday includes en-suite accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.

The hotel, Telemachos, is close to the centre of Dassia. It has pools and is in a hillside location.

Dassia is a Corfu resort that offers the best of both worlds. Having easy access to quiet beaches and louder nightlife locations. Here you will find pebble beaches. Rather than the sandy coastline that you might expect from your holiday destination.

Budget Holiday Deals: Mallorca

Holiday at the Best Delta Hotel in Mallorca and enjoy it last minute for £600 per person all inclusive. This price includes return flights from a choice of 11 airports. Giving options for travel and cutting down costs associated with your departure location.

The all inclusive price covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, ice creams and drinks. Also covered are the entertainment facilities at the hotel, such as a pool and gym.

The Best Delta is a hotel near beaches and golf courses. Making a restful break in the sun a possibility even at the last minute. You do not need to book months in advance to take advantage of cheap holiday deals.

Mallorca is a well-rounded holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Also people that like to rest on the beach and those that enjoy sightseeing or exploring. This Mediterranean holiday destination is also easy to reach.

The benefits and drawbacks of all inclusive holidays

Benefits of all inclusive holidays

An all inclusive holiday deal may be right for you. Especially if you are on a tight budget, or would simply like to ensure that you can limit the cost of your break.

With all inclusive holidays, essential costs get covered. You can travel to your destination, eat and drink whilst there. And usually enjoy a small selection of activities without spending extra money.

It is entirely possible to spend the full holiday making use of hotel facilities. Such as swimming pools, or visiting free local attractions including beaches and landmarks.

Going all inclusive does not stop you from spending money elsewhere. You can choose to pay extra for a meal at an off-site restaurant. Or to spend your money on attraction visits or souvenirs to take home. These, are options and not essentials.

Drawbacks of all inclusive holidays

You are paying for your food and drink as part of your holiday package. You are likely to pay slightly more than you would for a self-catered stay. Whilst you are likely to pay significantly less than you would if you purchased meals and drinks separately. There are still costs involved in committing to an all inclusive stay.

If you choose to eat away from your accommodation, you will be paying for a meal you have already paid for elsewhere. Some people find that this is restrictive. Even though there are no rules to stop you from dining out. You may feel uncomfortable paying for food when you could be getting it at no extra cost.

It is possible that you might feel like you will miss out on certain aspects of the holiday experience. Like experiencing a variety of local foods. But many people enjoy the predictability of an all inclusive holiday. More so without worries that costs will creep up. And find that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Booking all inclusive deals 2016

Booking a last minute all inclusive break could leave your bank balance in a better position. More than it would be if you had booked early, or wanted to pay for each aspect separately.

As an extra benefit, all inclusive holidays are often much easier to manage. You will be dealing with one provider for all aspects of your break. Which means that you do not need to carefully match your flights to your hotel arrival and departure times.

Do you have any of your own favourite low cost holiday destinations to add to our selection?

Do you enjoy last minute holidays? And do you choose to travel all inclusive every time, or are you new to all inclusive travel?

Share your own recommendations. Whether you return to the same place every year or prefer to travel the world on a budget.