Innovative Approaches to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen

Innovative Approaches to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen
April 16, 2018 Felicity Anderson

If your kitchen is looking dated then there are many ways to create a modern kitchen look regardless of your budget.

Modern Kitchen Approaches: Innovative Ways to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen

From incorporating new flooring or worktops, to getting creative with your cabinets, or even reworking the full kitchen layout, here CashLady looks at innovative approaches to turn your tired kitchen into a modern kitchen.

Modern kitchen flooring

Old fashioned linoleum or vinyl flooring can date your kitchen and drag down the whole look and feel of the room.

Investing in up to date flooring will have your kitchen looking beautifully modern in no time and may even add value to your home.

Opt for a resilient and timeless material, such as wood, tile, or stone, which you can rest assured, will never go out of fashion.

Alternatively, go bang on trend with a ceramic tile that looks like slate or hardwood.  This is particularly popular right now thanks to its expensive look without any of the usual upkeep required for real wooden flooring.

Modern Kitchen Approaches: Innovative Ways to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen

Say goodbye to out of date worktops

Modern worktops have thankfully come a long way since the days of cheap vinyl.

Now you have plenty of options, depending on your budget and the overall look that you want to achieve in your kitchen.

From resin and polymers to marble and granite, you might even consider heavy-duty structural materials like concrete, brick or tile if you are super on trend.

Like the opulent look of marble or granite but your budget won’t stretch? Fake it.

Turn your laminate worktops into a marble or granite using paint and inspiration from Pinterest, which is brimming with before and after countertop transformations.

Going for gold

Breathe life and luxury into your tired looking kitchen with a splash of gold or copper.

Providing a decadent finish to handles, wall tiles, small appliances, plug sockets and taps, your glittering new kitchen will be sure to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Paint your kitchen cabinets for a modern kitchen look

Don’t want to buy completely new kitchen cabinets? Painting or staining them is a budget-friendly way to bring them bang up to date.

Bold colours, such as vibrant blue or modern black look fabulously modern, while perfectly covering outdated wood or washed out colours of old.

Look online for cabinet inspiration and let your imagination run wild – you’ll be surprised how well a new colour and a bit of attention transforms your tired cabinets.

Let there be light

Modern Kitchen Approaches: Innovative Ways to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen

It’s easily forgotten, yet updated lighting will make the world of difference to your kitchen, injecting it with a fresh new feel.

Great lighting has the power to totally transform the mood and ambience of the room, while also being essential for safety when chopping and cooking.

If your kitchen has just one overhead lighting fixture, then consider recessed lighting for a more modern look.

A dimmer switch is ideal for versatility while entertaining, cooking, or relaxing, allowing you change up the look of the room as you desire.

Pendant lighting over a kitchen island, under cabinet lighting, to illuminate countertops, and chandeliers are all becoming great options for updated lighting sources.

Incorporate seating into your kitchen

Modern Kitchen Approaches: Innovative Ways to Modernise Your Tired Kitchen

Save me to Pinterest!

Modern day kitchens are social spaces, so inject some life back into yours by providing seating for the family and guests.

Opt for a breakfast bar, bench or a side table with stools and your kitchen will soon become a warm and modern social hub for catching up, doing homework and entertaining.

Open your kitchen up to the rest of the home

Depending on your budget, you could go one further by opening up the kitchen to make it a modern living space that seamlessly blends with the rest of your home.

Kitchens are increasingly moving away from older compartmentalised designs, in favour of an open plan look.

If your kitchen shares walls with your living room or dining room then knocking down partitions is an exciting way to make the most of the space.

Speak to a structural engineer or architect if you’re not sure what can be done or if you’re seeking a little inspiration for your new kitchen project.