Using vouchers (and how not to use them)

Using vouchers (and how not to use them)
May 15, 2018 admin

using vouchers

Are vouchers always good?

Everyone loves a bargain and when we see a voucher we tend to automatically assume that it’s an opportunity to make some sort of saving. They call this ‘voucher blindness’ and it’s the same kind of problem most of us suffer from when we see an item discounted in the shops – you know that time you went to the Boxing Day sales and came home with fifteen luminous pink plates because they were all marked down by two thirds? This is the same kind of situation – just because something says it’s a bargain doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Here are a few tips on how not to use vouchers so that you can make sure you’re genuinely saving money every time.

A discount isn’t necessarily the best deal

Although you might have a discount voucher in front of you offering a percentage off the price of a product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a great deal. Before you make a choice to purchase something make sure that you check the original price of the product across a number of other shops, websites and outlets – you might be able to find it cheaper than the discount elsewhere. You can also use a shopping comparison website to get a good idea of where the cheapest place is to buy what you’re looking for.

Don’t just buy something because you have a voucher for it

It can be incredibly satisfying to come across a discount voucher for something that you’ve wanted for ages. However, buying purely based on a voucher can be a real waste of money and most of the time you will end up with something you didn’t really want or need in the first place. Even discounted items still cost money so don’t be influenced into spending what you don’t need to by the lure of a discount.

Don’t wait for the vouchers to come to you

If there’s something that you really want or need and you’re keen to track down a discount for it then take steps to find yourself a voucher to buy it with. Online search engines come in really useful here – just search the name of the product or the retailer with the term ‘discount voucher’ and see what comes up. Alternatively, you can sign up for voucher websites such as Discount Vouchers and Hot Deals and browse those that are on offer in the categories that you want.

Don’t get caught up in the buzz of using vouchers

One of the ways that discount vouchers tend to work is that news can travel via word of mouth – or forwarded emails – and then everyone scrambles to get a share of the discount for themselves. This often encourages something of a sheep mentality as everyone wants to make sure they get a share of the action before it runs out. Don’t get caught up in the buzz like this when it comes to vouchers – you’re unlikely to end up getting many bargains if you’re buying something just because everyone else is.

These are a few tips to help you avoid getting into trouble using vouchers – if you use them the right way there really are some fantastic bargains to be had.