How to Save Money on Holiday: Make your own Travel Sized Toiletries

How to Save Money on Holiday: Make your own Travel Sized Toiletries
August 14, 2017 Felicity Anderson

travel sized toiletries

Have you ever had a pot of your favourite face cream snatched away by airport security because it breached their strict liquids rules? If so, then you will already know the importance of travel sized toiletries.

Helping to make the most of the limited space in your cabin bag, rucksack or family suitcase, travel sized toiletries enable you to pack more efficiently, and yet supermarkets and chemists typically charge a premium for offering your favourite personal care products in miniature.

In this article CashLady looks at how to make your own travel sized toiletries, allowing you to pass through airport security with ease, and save money on your holiday essentials.

Why you need travel sized toiletries

With fees charged by many airlines for placing bags in the hold, many savvy travellers opt to travel with hand luggage only, meaning that they need to adhere to strict airport security rules for liquids.

These rules state that if you carry liquids in your cabin bag then the containers must hold no more than 100ml, and fit into a resealable plastic bag that measures approximately 20cm x 20cm.

Buying travel sized toiletries

If you are preparing to jet off soon then picking up smaller versions of your favourite toiletries seems like a convenient way to ensure that you have your travel essentials, however, they come at a price.

When CashLady looked in store at a well-known high street chemist we found that a Colgate 25ml travel sized toothpaste costs a whopping £2.80 more per 100ml than a similar 75ml version.

Similarly, a full sized 250ml NIVEA Pearl deodorant is £1.00 per 100ml, with the exact same product but in a convenient 35ml size, costing £3.43 per 100ml, highlighting that travel size doesn’t necessarily offer good value.

Don’t buy your travel sized toiletries at the airport

While the high street can expensive, picking up your travel sized toiletries at the airport is potentially even more costly.

In 2012 Travel Supermarket revealed that buying travel sized toiletries at the airport can cost up to 750%  more than the larger versions, with passengers being financially penalised for leaving their holiday shopping until the last minute.

Making your own travel sized toiletries

travel sized toiletries

Instead of shelling out for overpriced mini toiletries, it is much more economical to make them yourself and be a little creative when seeking the smaller version of your beauty favourites.

Decanting your toiletries into empty bottles

Most chemists, large super markets and even some high street clothing stores sell small containers, which come in at, or under, 100ml, and are the perfect size for decanting your larger sized toiletries into.

With empty pots, squeezy bottles and lotion bottles available, they can then be washed out and reused on subsequent trips, helping to save significant amounts of money on your holidays.

Helpfully, they also usually come with blank labels so that you keep a note of what each bottle contains.

Saving hotel toiletries

If you regularly visit hotels then stockpiling the little toiletries from the bathroom, such as the small shampoo bottles and mini soap bars, is a low-cost way to build your travel toiletry kit.

Once you have used the original contents simply wash them out and replace with your favourite products.

Using samples as travel toiletries

If you visit beauty counters to purchase your favourite face and body products, you may receive free samples of new products with your purchases, and if you don’t then it’s always worth asking for some.

Most large cosmetics companies give away sample sized moisturisers, shampoos, face creams, perfumes and make up items that are perfectly travel sized and ideal for saving for your next holiday.

Picking up travel sized tooth paste tubes at the dentist

Next time you are at your routine dental check-up, scan the waiting room for a little box of travel sized tubes of toothpaste, which many dental surgeries offer their patients for free.

If you don’t see any then ask at reception as they are just the right the size for brushing your teeth on the go, helping to save more space in your bag.

Buying toiletries at your destination

Depending on your holiday destination and the local prices there, or the size of your group, it may make financial sense to purchase full sized toiletries when you arrive.

Simply pop to the local supermarket or pharmacy, share them and then leave them in the hotel or villa when you return home.