Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier

Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier
April 4, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier

The kitchen sink works hard, allowing you to rinse plates, scrub pots, drain away liquids, grab a cool drink and fill up the kettle.

Many modern skinks can do even more, with designers increasingly incorporating handy features to make your sink the perfect place for meal preparation, without taking up too much space or interrupting a minimal kitchen design.

From terrific taps to clever sink accessories, here Cashlady looks at hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier.

Your new kitchen sink

Before getting into the clever stuff, consider the basics of what you want from your new kitchen sink.

Kitchen sink material

The sink material helps determine the look and feel of your kitchen and it should integrate naturally with the overall style of your kitchen.

Stainless steel is very popular as it’s practical and looks nice and modern, but you might prefer a porcelain sink to give your kitchen a more rustic or farmhouse look.

Granite composite sinks are known for their resistance to scratches and chips, while natural stone sink material can be matched perfectly to your kitchen counter-top.

Size and depth of your kitchen sink

When considering the size and depth of your new kitchen sink, think about who uses it and what for.

A large family that loves entertaining, for example, will most likely need far more size and depth than a single person who prefers to eat out.

Ask yourself how many people are in the house and what types of jobs you like to use the sink for, such as, do you wash your vegetables in the sink? Do you need a side to drain both veg and the dishes?

Simply put, what is going to make work in the kitchen easier?

The best basins

Two basins mean that you easily perform separate tasks, such as cleaning dishes and preparing food at the same time.

Depending on how you use your sink and how much space you need, you can incorporate two basins of equal size or one that’s smaller than the other.

From here, look at helpful accessories and hidden features that will make preparing food and cleaning dishes even easier.

Accessories for your kitchen sink

Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier

These days you can do a lot more than just wash dishes in your sink.

By adding various types of functionality, depending on your food preparation preferences, you can create your own kitchen workstation that is handily centred around the sink.

Many modern sink manufacturers now build cutting boards, colanders and racks, knife block and utensils that sit on the side of the basin.

Keeping these accessories within the sink area also hides them from view from the rest of the kitchen, helping to keep the space clutter-free.

Built-in draining boards for your kitchen sink

Super handy for draining dishes if you wash yours by hand, a built-in draining board can also be used for drying fruit and vegetables after washing.

Again, this helps keep your kitchen clutter-free, but it means a wider sink that eats into countertop surface space.

Kitchen sink systems

Specialised sink systems take the accessories up a notch, offering enhanced functionality and an industrial look that is perfect if you’re serious about cooking and food preparation.

Here you can use the sink to rinse, chop and even add condiments, all at the sink.

A hidden kitchen sink

Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier

If simplicity is what you want from your sink, then consider a discrete sink that can be hidden away to provide a simplistic look or provide more counter space.

Hidden kitchen sink features that will make your life easier

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With a ‘show and hide,’ or ‘illusion,’ sink you can simply push down the tap and pop on a cover to hide it away from view.

Top taps for the kitchen sink

Modern kitchen taps now incorporate clever features, which help you save time and effort on everyday tasks.

A kitchen spray tap sits discretely on your sink and provides a handy powerful pull-out spray to rinse pots and pans with ease and is also a great way to clean fruit and vegetables.

Forget filling up the kettle, there’s now even kitchen taps that supply hot water on demand for tea and coffee, as well as taps that filter out impurities for a quick and easy fresh glass of water.