7 Exciting First Day of School Traditions that Rock

7 Exciting First Day of School Traditions that Rock
August 31, 2018 Lauren Howells

7 Exciting First Day of School Traditions that Rock

In just a few short days, the summer will officially come to an end and it will be time to get back to reality on the first day of school.

Whether your kids are dreading it or cannot wait to get back to spending all day with their friends, we have seven exciting activities that are so much fun you will want to make them a yearly tradition.

So grab a cake tin, a camera and your children and get ready to make the first day of school a day to remember…

1) A fashion show to celebrate the first day of school

Who does not love strutting their stuff on a makeshift catwalk with music by Katy Perry or Taylor Swift pumping in the background?

If your kids are feeling a little down about having to go back to sitting in a classroom every day, then why not get them looking forward to putting on their new school year clothes by setting up your very own fashion show in your living room?

Yes, for most of us, it will just be a matter of putting on a newer and slightly bigger version of the same old school uniform. But how will it look with those new shoes or the latest school satchel?

This also makes a great alternative first day of school photo opportunity.

2) Back to school fairy

Have you not heard of her? This wonderful little fairy comes into your home and drops off a little gift for each of your children to ease any back-to-school jitters.

A new notebook or pencil for good luck on their first day of school are usually the types of items that she delivers.

A perfect way to add a little bit of magic into the first day back.

3) Cook up a storm for breakfast

Send your children off to their first day of school with a special breakfast. This will not only give them something to look forward to but will help to avoid any pre-school nerves stopping them from eating before they head out.

If you do not have time to cook in the morning, you could always prep the breakfast the night before.

7 Exciting First Day of School Traditions that Rock

4) Special ‘first day back’ supper

When your kids arrive home from school, give them something to look forward to by making their favourite meal.

Again, if you do not have time to cook on the day, you could make something at the weekend and freeze it.

Lasagne is always a crowd pleaser!

5) Blow up some balloons

Balloons are guaranteed to make everyone smile.

Simply blow a few up before you go to bed and hang them around the house where your children will see them when they get up to go to school.

6) Spend time talking about what the new school year could bring

Yes, some children will be more open to this than others, but chatting about what your children want to achieve over the next year can really help to get them looking forward to their first day back.

A first day of school questionnaire is a fun activity to do as a family.

Keep the questionnaires you have from the beginning of each school year to look back at when your children are grown up.

A lovely tradition that gives you something to keep forever.

7) Bake a back-to-school cake

Everyone loves cake. And baking it with the family can provide entertainment for the whole afternoon before the big day.

If your children are on the younger side, try to stick with something simple like a Victoria sponge or a chocolate cake.7 Exciting First Day of School Traditions that Rock

For older ones, you could even attempt a ‘Bake Off’ style creation. Even if it is not perfect, it should still taste pretty good!

First day of school traditions for all the family

Having your family rituals that you can partake in every year can really help to get the kids excited about their return to school.

Whether you enlist the help of the back-to-school fairy or cook up a storm in the kitchen with a first-day-back breakfast, you can make it into a tradition that your kids will look forward to year after year.

Finally, make sure you do not forget to take some time to celebrate…we mean commiserate…with the other parents. When the kids head to the classroom, you could organise a brunch with any of the other mums and dads who are heading home alone.