Finance Apps to really help you save money and time

Finance Apps to really help you save money and time
October 8, 2015 CashLady
Finance Apps to really help you save money and time

At CashLady we would like to recommend finance apps that can really help you in managing your finances. Our first recommendation is Moneysupermarket’s OnTrees. Money doesn’t grow on trees but it can be managed by… This particular finance app can access your bank accounts, credit cards and keep all your balances in one place. This can be a very useful tool for monthly budgeting because it gives an accurate reflection and ongoing control of your finances – all in one place.

What can finance apps do for me?

OnTrees for example  can tell you how much money has come into your account and how much gone out over a specific duration and if your finances are going in the right direction. You can categorize all your expenses and see where the money is leaking and where most of your money is spent.

Security is a major concern. OnTrees and other finance apps take security seriously and only allow the app to work in read-only mode – it cannot perform any transactions in your accounts. It also uses bank level security to safeguard your data. Your bank login is secured and only stored at a trusted third party who is the global leader in providing financial services data and follow a strict compliance regime.

Ultimate responsibility for using the product lies in your hands and CashLady is not associated with this product in any way.  Moneysupermarket and OnTrees may share the data provided in order to help you take control of your expenses and save money but if you’re afraid big brother is watching so don’t use this app.

Thinking about finance apps?Another finance app that offers a similar service and is also based on the same security and data platform is Money DashBoard. This app try to show you exactly where your money is spent and help you make better informed decisions using this knowledge. This in turn will allow you to save money and reduce expenses where you can.