Cash Emergency Bible: Struggling to come up with an emergency anniversary present?

Cash Emergency Bible: Struggling to come up with an emergency anniversary present?
May 3, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Cash Emergency Bible: Struggling to come up with an emergency anniversary present?

Between birthdays, engagements, new babies and other celebrations, it’s easy to forget an upcoming anniversary until you see it circled in the calendar or receive a reminder on your phone.

A happy occasion that deserves marking with something special, finding the perfect gift for your loved one can prove a challenge, particularly when you don’t have much time.

Here CashLady looks at a selection of thoughtful and creative gifts that make the perfect emergency anniversary present.

Celebrating your anniversary

Whether it’s the date you were married, the first time that you met or uttered the words, ‘I love you,’ anniversaries are a time for celebration.

A great excuse to be a little soppy and show your partner that you care, it’s not about how much money you spend but how much thought you put in.

If you find yourself purchasing the same type of gift every year then think outside the box and add an element of surprise, which is always appreciated, particularly if you need to find an emergency anniversary present.

Anniversary presents in a rush

Luckily, there’s lots of great emergency anniversary present available, with very little time required for organisation, purchase or delivery.

An experience as an emergency anniversary present

Flowers, jewellery and perfume all make beautiful gifts, but an experience is truly unforgettable.

An opportunity to break out of the usual routine and carve out some precious time just for two of you, sharing an experience also brings you closer together and makes new memories.

Whether it’s dinner at their favourite restaurant, a cookery class or a hot air balloon trip, use your imagination and give something unexpected that you know they will love.

Easily available to purchase online or over the phone, check out Red letter Days and Virgin Experience Days for inspiration.

Cooking a romantic anniversary meal

Perfect for when you’ve got to come up with an emergency anniversary present quickly, cooking a surprise meal is guaranteed to get you in the good books.

Set the table, light the candles, chill the fizz and whip a feast for your partner based on their favourite dish or cuisine.

Put in a little extra thought and prepare the meal that you enjoyed at your wedding or a memorable dish that you ate on one of your first dates.

Check out the BBC website for delicious recipe ideas.

Wedding anniversary gifts

If you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary and all out of present ideas, then the number of years that you have been married acts as a helpful guide.

Harking back to the middle ages, the tradition of giving a specific gift on specific anniversaries has evolved since then, with traditional and modern suggestions for every year up to 50 years of marriage.

While you can, of course, come up with your own ideas, sometimes it’s useful to follow the gift prompts, which you can find online.

We have a few suggestions below to get you started.

Cash Emergency Bible: Struggling to come up with an emergency anniversary present?

First anniversary

  • Traditional gifts: paper
  • Modern gifts: clock

The traditional gift of paper for your first anniversary isn’t too budget heavy, which is useful if you have recently invested in your wedding and an expensive honeymoon.

There are lots of options for gifts using the ‘paper’ theme, such as printing out the words to your first dance song or giving an experience, with the gift certificate on printed paper – it counts!

If you prefer the modern route then try a light up alarm clock, easily picked up online with options for fastCash Emergency Bible: Struggling to come up with an emergency anniversary present? delivery, it will help your loved one to wake up more blissfully each morning.

Tenth wedding anniversary

  • Traditional gift: tin or aluminium
  • Modern gift: diamond jewellery

Tin is a little trickier.

Selected because tin was traditionally used to store or preserve things, and 10 years marks a marriage well preserved and going strong, it doesn’t make for the most exciting of gifts.

If your loved one enjoys pottering in the garden, then you may find a unique planter or garden accessory online or in the garden centre.

Sites like Etsy and Not On The High Street are also useful for searching for unique items that can be personalised and are made and sold by small shops and makers.

The alternative is going down the modern route and saving for, or splurging on, a diamond to mark your first decade of marriage.