Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here’s what to do.

Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here’s what to do.
March 16, 2018 Lauren Howells

Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here's what to do.

If you are embarrassed by your basic bathroom, it can be tempting to rip it out and start again from scratch. You will be glad to hear that there is no need to go through the upheaval and financial strain of completely refitting your bathroom.

Adding a touch of luxury to your basic bathroom does not need to cost the world. You will be surprised at what you can achieve with a little creativity and a lick of paint.

Decide on a theme to reinvigorate your basic bathroom

First thing’s first, you will need to decide on a theme for your bathroom.

Not only will this help to bring the final look together, it can also help to keep costs down. If you have a theme in mind when you head to the shops, you are less likely to make impulse purchases and end up with a pile of items that do not work well together.

If you are struggling to come up a theme that you like, you can take inspiration from others. A quick Google Image search of ‘bathroom themes’ provides you with a whole page of wonderful creations. 

One of our favourites has to be the good old nautical look.  

Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here's what to do.

A lick of paint can make a real difference

Now that you have a theme, it is time to pick your paint.

A splash of colour, or even repainting your walls in a simple white, can make a real difference to the feel of a space.

Choose a colour that will go with your theme. For example, if you decide to create a relaxing seaside paradise, you may want blue paint to replicate the colour of the sea or the sky.

Or, if you are going for a nautical theme, you could paint a feature wall a deep, navy blue.

Alternatively, you could paint all of your walls white and then use accessories to add pops of colour.

Wave goodbye to your basic bathroom with new accessories

You do not need to spend a fortune to get some accessories to go with your theme.

High street shops such as b&m or Tk Maxx, for example, usually have lots of accessories for the home at reasonable prices.

To keep costs down, it is good to try and limit yourself to five things at first. You can always add to them later.

A new shower curtain is a good place to start. As they come in many different designs, they are a really cheap way to transform a basic bathroom.

Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here's what to do.
Photo by B&Q Plc – Browse powder room ideas

Then, think about an ornament or two. Little boats are great for a nautical theme. 

Next, see if you can pick up something for the wall. Many shops do packs of framed pictures, which are a great way to liven up an empty space.

Shelves are also a fab and inexpensive way to add to your theme. You can use them to display your towels or themed objects.

Now, it is time to think about towels to go with your theme. If you cannot afford to replace your whole towel set (and why would you if they are still relatively new) a great trick is to invest in a couple of ‘show towels’ to hang in your bathroom. Alternatively, you can display them in a nice wicker basket or rolled up on your shelves. 

Get creative 

Are you embarrassed by your basic bathroom? Here's what to do.

Using materials that you already have or are available to buy very cheaply, is a great way to revive a basicbathroom.

Not only is it fun, but it can also help to keep costs down.

For example, there seems to be no limit to what people are making out of wooden pallets these days.

You can do anything from cladding a wall with them, to making your own towel rack or shelving unit. Again, a quick Google Image search is a great way to get some inspiration.  

If you are not so handy with wood, there are other things you can do, too.

Use an old book to wallpaper a feature wall. Simply cut out the pages, brush them with wallpaper paste and stick them to the wall. You will need to add some sort of protective top coat to stop them becoming damp.

No need to be embarrassed by your basic bathroom any longer… 

A few simple changes and additions can transform a basic bathroom into a luxury lavatory.

Now, what happened to all those old books…