Discover how great kitchen lighting can significantly enhance your life

Discover how great kitchen lighting can significantly enhance your life
April 27, 2018 Lauren Howells

Discover how great kitchen lighting can significantly enhance your life

When we think about making changes to our kitchen, how the kitchen is lit is usually pretty low down on our priority list. Perhaps surprisingly, your kitchen lighting can make a real difference to how much you enjoy being in and using the room. So forget about countertops and cupboards and turn your attention towards how you are going to make your kitchen feel light, bright and airy. 

Who wants to be in dark room?

Put the practicalities of cooking in a dark room to one side for the moment. Who wants to spend their time in a room that feels dim and dingy?

For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we meet for breakfast, make packed lunches and gather back together at the end of a long day to make our tea (or dinner, depending on where in the UK you live!).

If your kitchen is not lit very well or feels oppressive, you and your family are not going to want to spend any time in there.

Get the kitchen lighting right and your kitchen should begin to feel warm and welcoming.

Getting your kitchen lighting right may save you money

It sounds strange but spending a little money getting the kitchen lighting right, could actually end up saving you some cash.

If your kitchen feels dark, you are not going to want to spend any time in there. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to spend your free time in a room that you really do not like.

The temptation to avoid the kitchen and order a takeaway instead may be just too strong.

Installing great lighting can help to make your kitchen into somewhere that you actually want to spend time preparing meals, so takeaways can just become weekend treats.

Good kitchen lighting means safer cooking

Discover how great kitchen lighting can significantly enhance your life

Ever tried to chop an onion in the dark? No, neither have we. And we seriously would not recommend it.

The kitchen is a room where you will regularly deal with boiling pans of food and use sharp knives, as well as a wide range of other potentially dangerous objects. If you are not able to properly see what you are doing, you could cause yourself or someone else around you a serious injury.

This is why it is so vital that your kitchen lighting is up to scratch.

Create ambience with kitchen lighting

Although important, having the right level of light in your kitchen is not just about keeping you safe.

Kitchen lighting can also be utilised to create ambience.

Warm, lower levels of light can be used over a kitchen table to help us feel relaxed when we eat. The more relaxed we are, the more we will enjoy our food and not just eat as quickly as possible so we can leave the room.

Those who are observant will have noticed that the ‘warm, lower levels’ of light which we talked about in this point, seem to clash with the ‘bright’ light we talked about earlier on. This is why, to ensure your kitchen lighting works well, you are going to need to install more than one type of light.

Layer your kitchen lighting

When you are cooking, spotlights that shine a bright, white light onto your worktops are ideal. Try to use the same lighting when you are eating and it can feel like you are all under some kind of police interrogation.

Installing under-cabinet lighting is also a great way to add more light to your worktops.

Consider opting for lower level lighting over areas where you will be sitting and eating.

If possible, try not to have nets over a kitchen window. Not only do they get dirty and greasy very easily and require regular washing, they also block some of the natural light from getting into your kitchen.

Save money at the same time as updating your kitchen lightingDiscover how great kitchen lighting can significantly enhance your life

Investing in LED bulbs can help you to cut your energy costs. They also last much longer than other types of lighting, which means that you should not have to change them as regularly. Win, win!

Opt for whiter, brighter bulbs for a well-lit worktop area and a softer, warmer glow for the dining end.

The right kitchen lighting will enhance your life

The key to ensuring that your kitchen is safe and practical at the same time as welcoming and relaxing is the layering of different types of lights and bulbs.

Getting your kitchen lighting right is a vital part of creating a room that you and your family are going to want to spend time in.

Adjusting your kitchen lighting is a relatively cheap and easy fix (use an electrician for any electrical work), proof that creating a kitchen you love may be a whole lot simpler than you think.