Cash Emergency Bible: What to do if you’ve got a cracked phone screen

Cash Emergency Bible: What to do if you’ve got a cracked phone screen
January 8, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Cash Emergency Bible: What to do if you've got a cracked phone screen

If you’ve dropped your phone to the ground or accidentally smashed something on it then dealing with the resulting cracked phone screen can prove frustrating and expensive.

With repair costs and excess charges for claiming on your insurance potentially costing into hundreds of pounds, it pays to know your options for fixing the damage.

In this instalment of the Cash Emergency Bible, CashLady looks at what to do if you’ve got a cracked phone screen.

Assessing your cracked phone screen

A cracked phone screen can take many forms.

You may be lucky and find one or two small cracks that you can live with as they don’t impair your ability to view the screen or use the functionality of the phone.

Alternatively, the screen might be completely shattered, or you might see coloured lines that indicate the damage has gone beyond the screen and deep into the LCD display panel.

The level of damage will help determine your options when it comes to repairing it.

Backing up your data when you have a cracked phone screen

Depending on the severity of the damage to your screen, you may need to send your phone away for repair or replacement.

Ensuring that all of your data is safely backed up to the cloud or a hard drive keeps all of your information safe.

Should the problem with your phone get worse or it’s replaced or wiped, then you won’t lose any important data or treasured items, like photographs.

If you’re unsure how to back up your phone then go to your local phone shop or give your service provider a call on their customer service number and they will go through the steps with you.

Claiming on your insurance for a cracked phone screen

It’s unlikely that your cracked screen will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if the damage wasn’t a fault with the phone itself.

If your phone is covered under your insurance for accidental damage then it’s likely that you can have your cracked screen repaired or you’ll be offered a new handset, which will be either new or refurbished, depending on your insurer.

There is typically an excess charge for claiming on your insurance, which in the case of more expensive handsets may be up to £100.

To avoid the excess charge and any impact on future insurance premiums, consider paying to have the phone repaired yourself, either through the manufacturer or independently.

Although you should check how this will affect your warranty.

Fixing your cracked phone screen

Cash Emergency Bible: What to do if you've got a cracked phone screen

Going to the manufacturer for repair

Your smartphone’s manufacturer may offer a paid repair, which is typically more expensive than going to a third party repair shop.

It does, however, bring with it piece of mind that the manufacturer will use good quality parts and know what is best for the phone, it is also unlikely to invalidate your warranty.

Samsung has support centres across the UK and you can find your nearest location on their website, while Apple offers help and assistance through the Genius Bar in all of its stores.

Check out your manufacturer’s website for details of how to contact them.

Going to a repair shop

Cracked phone screens are so common that most high streets and shopping centres have lots of repair shops or stalls offering to fix cracked and broken screens.

This usually offers a convenient and low-cost way to fix your screen although try to get recommendations from friends and family first.

Fixing it yourself

Fixing your cracked screen yourself is the cheapest option but it’s also the riskiest.

If you’re confident at working with electronics then you can find replacement parts cheaply on sites such as eBay but only do it if you’re sure that you won’t potentially cause further damage to your handset.

Once you have the parts you can find video tutorials on how to fix your cracked screen online.

Preventing a cracked phone screen

Smartphones are expensive and so are phone repairs so the best way to avoid unnecessary expense is to protect your screen with a good quality phone cover and tempered glass.

Tempered glass can be bought online and costs under £10, meaning that if you do accidentally drop your phone, the glass will smash but your screen underneath is perfectly safe.