Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown
May 8, 2018 Stacey Corrin

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown

35 Phenomenal Solutions for When You Find Yourself in a Cash Emergency!

A cash emergency can be described as an emergency situation that often demands an injection of money to overcome it. A broken washing machine is a good example of such a scenario. But what do you do when you find yourself in a flooded kitchen with a pile of laundry to wash, and a machine that’s hit the dust?

Hold onto your soggy socks! We have the ultimate solution to that problem in the form of our Cash Emergency Bible. Not only does it give you 35 ways to avoid a money meltdown, it also explains how to deal with your emergencies while reducing your costs at the same time.

Chapter 1: Home Emergencies

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown: Home Emergencies

Let’s open the bible to chapter one and begin with the cash emergencies you may fall victim to in your own home. Not for the faint-hearted, this chapter covers everything from the dreaded smoking oven to gas leaks and infestations of skin-crawling pests. Are you ready to dive in?

#1 How to get help if you’re facing eviction

Almost everyone has heard of somebody who has been or is close to being evicted from their home. In today’s economic climate, it has become an increasingly common scenario. Our first entry into the Cash Emergency Bible discusses what help you can get, such as advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau and help with the costs of relocation.

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#2 How to deal with a pest infestation in your home

No-one likes a pest, especially the creepy crawly kind that finds its way into your home. Have a family of mice made their home in your attic? Are bed bugs keeping you awake at night? Never fear just like the Ghostbusters, this entry into the Cash Emergency Bible shows you how to bust those pests right out of your home.

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#3 Why your oven is smoking and how to fix it

What’s that smell? Why are your eyes stinging? Could it be your smoking oven? Did you know there are many ways to solve this problem? You could call in the experts or save money by using some elbow grease and a scouring pad. Flip the page on the Cash Emergency Bible and master the art of solving a problem like an oven.

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#4 Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof

35 Phenomenal Solutions for When You Find Yourself in a Cash Emergency!

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Do you often wake up to a wet bed? Don’t worry we’re not insinuating a more personal kind of emergency. More like the kind that involves your Roof having a hole in it or your roof tiles being damaged enough to cause a leak. This is a common problem for many house dwellers, with solutions ranging from the simple and inexpensive, to ones that require professional help. Click the blue button below to read them for yourself.

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#5 How to cope with burst and frozen pipes

Burst pipes and frozen pipes are two different things, with similar consequences which often lead to a cash emergency situation. Stemming from cold weather or taking a shovel to your pipework, it’s important to take control of things quickly. Otherwise, you could end up with an even bigger and more expensive disaster. Read on to learn our solutions.

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#6 How to deal with a gas leak

You can’t always detect a gas leak right away, but rest assured you’ll know about it if you have one. It’s critical to your health (and safety) to get help solving this emergency as soon as you can. To begin with, if you smell gas, get outside into fresh air and then follow the steps in this entry, fast.

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#7 How to minimise flood damage to your home

The British summer time is memorable for its overcast skies, rain-storms and more recently, horrible, humid floods. If you live in an area prone to flooding, your new annual past-time may be dragging out the sandbags and waterproof clothing. But what should you do when the flooding subsides? Learn how to minimise and repair your flood damage with as little cost as possible by clicking below.

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#8 How to replace broken windows

The neighbourhood kids can go too far sometimes. When will they realise that “no ball games” really means, “don’t kick your ball through my window”? While you feed the latest missile to an animal that likes to puncture things, read our Cash Emergency Bible entry on how to replace broken windows without breaking the bank as well.

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#9 How to fix burst pipes

We mentioned earlier that taking a shovel to your pipes can make them burst. Another cause of burst pipes can be from them freezing in cold weather and cracking. If this makes your head spin, read this entry to discover where to find your stopcock (or what one is) and who to contact in order get your waterworks fixed.

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#10 How to cope with a power outage

It’s dark outside (and inside). Don’t worry it’s not the Zombie Apocalypse. Chances are, it’s just a power cut. Did you forget to pay your utility bill? Is the National Grid at fault? Or is it really the end of the world? Continue reading to find out.

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#11 How to clear blocked drains

There’s a reason why nothing will go down your plug hole and why the toilet is backing up into the bathroom. That reason could very well be that your drains are blocked. Before you call the plumber read entry 11 in the Cash Emergency Bible for some tips to save money fixing your drains yourself, and who to contact for extra help.

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#12 How to repair fire damage in your home

Fire damage is notoriously difficult to eradicate and repairing it can cost a fortune. But don’t call in the builders just yet. Depending on the severity of the damage, the advice in this entry may be able to save you some money in a particularly smoking emergency

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#13 How to Fix a water leak

Water, water everywhere, it’s leaking from the sink. We’ll help you fix this water leak before you’re on the brink.

With that little ditty out of the way, read on for solutions to this soggy cash emergency and coping mechanisms for our terrible poetry.

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Chapter 2: Family Emergencies

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown: Family Emergencies

Our next chapter in the Cash Emergency Bible focuses on the family emergencies that get your knees knocking and teeth chattering. There’s nothing quite like having to cope with a disaster when you’ve got kids running around or family members demanding attention. Yet, families are the core of society, so we’re here to help.

#14 Ideas for an emergency anniversary present

Have you forgotten again? How many years has it been? We all forget to buy a gift sometimes, but an anniversary present? That is an emergency. Quick! Read this for a host of ideas to get the best anniversary gift in no time at all.

Pro Tip: Some don’t cost a thing!

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#15 Four ways to afford a baby you weren’t expecting

No-one ever expects a baby, unless they planned to be expecting one. If your new bundle of joy is a complete shock to the system, don’t worry. While babies are probably one of the most expensive things you will bring into the world, there are many ways to make it hurt your wallet a little less.

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#16 If you can’t afford school uniforms, here’s what you could do

Every summer you might sit staring at those scuffed school shoes you bought three weeks ago and the school t-shirts covered in sharpie marker (and gravy stains) and wonder how you will afford to replace it all for the next term. Even if you’ve no money to spare, this cash emergency can be solved. Start by reading the entry below.

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#17 What to do if you are facing redundancy

We know people who have lost their job before and we’re sure you know some also. Redundancy at the time can feel like your whole world is caving in. You could blame the bankers and crawl into a cave of your own to avoid the situation. Or, you could read our solutions to coping with redundancy.

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#18 How to cope with an increased cost of living

Everything is getting more expensive. The price of food, clothing, rent, utility bills and even travel. What should you do when the cost of living keeps increasing and your wages are staying the same? Besides rallying a protest, we can think of a number of things you can do to solve this cash emergency.

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#19 What are my emergency childcare options?

Childcare is a tough and thankless job when it’s your own children you’re looking after. But what do you do if there is an emergency and you need someone else to take care of your kids? Some of the solutions we have for you include calling in a childminder, asking friends, and more.

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Chapter 3: Tech Emergencies

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown: Tech Emergencies

Technology is a conundrum to most of us. It acts like a sentient being but goes wrong all of the time. Short of installing a self-destruct button and going back to the stone age, there are ways to overcome even the most stressful of technological cash emergencies. In chapter 3 you’ll learn all of the secrets.

#20 What to do if you’ve got a cracked phone screen

Our phones have become our new personal assistants. We take them everywhere, even to the toilet! As they get smarter, they’re also more fragile and prone to breaking. How do you go about fixing the dreaded cracked phone screen? If you continue reading below, you may find out how to fix it yourself at the fraction of the cost.

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#21 Computer breakdown scenarios (and how to deal with them)

Does your computer like to say ‘No’? Ours are often on the blink. Usually, you can get by with turning it off and on again but there are times when this surprisingly doesn’t work.  Blue screen of death? Continuous beeping? We’ve heard it all, so without further ado let’s get into the thick of it with our Cash Emergency Bible entry on computer breakdowns.

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#22 How to overcome a broken refrigerator

Everything can be stored in the fridge, right? Wrong! Some groceries benefit from being kept away from the chiller. That’s why it’s useful to know what does and doesn’t belong in a fridge when it stops working. Click the button below for more tips.

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#23 Boiler Breakdown Solutions

Have you ever stepped into the shower and quickly found out with a shriek the water was freezing? We’ve been there…. This could be a sign that your boiler has broken down, but how do you get it up and running again? In entry 23 we have all the answers.

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#24 What to do should your washing machine break down

Your washing machine breaking down is a cash emergency that makes our eyes water. With all of that laundry to clean, dry and iron, how on earth are you going to get it all done, especially if you have kids. Don’t fret, we’ve got your back on this. Read on to find out how to deal with it.

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Chapter 4: Personal Emergencies

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown: Personal Emergencies

There are some emergencies that require a more delicate touch than others. These are the personal ones that you don’t necessarily want people shouting from the rooftops. Chapter 4 of the Cash Emergency Bible delves into these personal disasters, providing advice on how to overcome them. Don’t worry we’ll be gentle.

#25 How to treat and react to a dental emergency

The first thing people usually do if they have something wrong with their teeth is to try and fix it themselves. We’ve heard some silly things involving self-treating dental pain and it’s not for the squeamish. Ideally, in a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is call a dentist. Click below for more advice.

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#26 What should you do if you are too sick to work?

It’s easy to let work get the better of you. Long hours, little time with your family and deadlines can all add up to making you ill. If you’re too ill to work, it can be an extra worry to deal with where your next paycheck is going to come from. You don’t have to do this alone. We’ve got the love you need to see you through in our 26th entry.

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#27 How to get help with funeral costs

When the time comes to say farewell to a loved one, no-one can prepare you for it. You may not wish to think about how much covering the funeral expenses will cost you. Should you wish to learn more about the options available to you, you’re welcome to them read via the button below.

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#28 What can I do if I am a victim of identity theft?

When we discuss Identity Theft, we mean someone stealing your personal information using your identity for nefarious reasons. They may use your information to take out quick loans in your name, or they could sell your details to the highest bidder. For more information on what you can do in this situation read our full entry.

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#29 What to do after your purse or wallet is stolen

It’s likely that we’ve all experienced theft at one time or another. But what about if your purse or wallet has been stolen from you? Containing your bank and credit cards, cash and personal information, this type of theft can leave you seeing red. What should you do? The Cash Emergency Bible entry 29 will give you the information you need to potentially catch the culprit and get your possessions back.

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Chapter 5: Travel Emergencies

Cash Emergency Bible: 35 Ways to Avoid a Money Meltdown: Travel Emergencies

As much as we like to believe that travel is all fun, frolics and adventure seeking, it can go wrong as often as it goes right. Chapter 5 of the Cash Emergency Bible digs deeper into the pitfalls of travel and what you can do in an emergency to both save money and prevent yourself from spending more than you need.

#30 Overseas school trips and how to afford them

Going overseas with their classmates can be an exciting time for your child, but slightly less exciting for you when you see how much it will cost. If you’re worried about how you are going to pay for all of this, we’ve got some pointers you may want to read through before making any important decisions.

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#31 What if your car fails its MOT? These are your options

35 Phenomenal Solutions for When You Find Yourself in a Cash Emergency!

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If you own a car, MOT time can be a nail-biting time of the year. Will your vehicle pass or fail? How much will any repairs cost and how soon can you get back on the road? In entry 31 of the Cash Emergency Bible, you’re going to find out the steps you should take.

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#32 What to do if your car breaks down

Your car could break down any time and in any place. Knowing how to cope with a potentially dangerous situation such as this, is crucial to your well being. But what should you do, once you’re in a safe spot? The thirty-second entry into the Cash Emergency Bibles digs deep into what help you may need and the cost of coping with a vehicle breakdown.

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#33 Common gearbox failures and how to identify and fix them

Do you know how to diagnose a gearbox failure? What about what to do in order to fix the issue? A gearbox failure can mean the difference between driving to work and walking, so how about you carry on reading below and brush up on some of the solutions to this particularly tricky problem.

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#34 What to do if you get a flat tyre

Coping with a flat tyre requires more than just duct taping over the problem. Ignore it for long enough and you could end up in an even worse position. In this entry, we look at the options available to you when you have a punctured or flat tyre, including how to change tyres yourself and where to seek assistance.

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#35 Unexpected travel problems and how to cope with them

Don’t you hate it when you have to travel at short notice? Whether it’s for an emergency hospital appointment, a quick trip to the shops, or a sudden family gathering, travelling at the last minute can place a hefty burden on your bank balance. Our final entry into the Cash Emergency Bible tackles the issue of expensive travel prices, peak and off-peak times and further ways to travel in an emergency.

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Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap. Thank you for reading our Cash Emergency Bible. As you’ve thumbed the pages, we’ve learned many things together including:

  • 13 emergencies that affect the home and how to overcome them
  • 6 family disasters to deal with right away
  • 5 Tech-related issues that can hurt your finances and why we loathe the blue screen of death
  • 5 Personal emergencies to handle with kid gloves and a gentle approach
  • 6 Emergencies involving travel and why you can now cope with them effectively

With a bit of luck, your mental and monetary burdens are feeling much lighter now and you can rest a little easier. Well… until the next cash emergency.

To keep you prepared for any situation, download the Cash Emergency Bible pocket edition, in a handy pdf to store on your device for whenever you need it.

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