Cash Emergency Bible: Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof

Cash Emergency Bible: Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof
May 1, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Cash Emergency Bible: Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof

Winter weather, such as high winds and heavy rainfall can cause a damaged roof, or expose existing problems you weren’t previously aware of.

Dislodged tiles, damaged guttering and rotting timbers are among the many things that go wrong with your roof and while they may require a simple fix, the time may have come to replace your roof completely.

Here CashLady looks at tips for assessing and fixing a damaged roof.

Assessing your damaged roof

Aside from spotting broken or dislodges tiles or slates, one of the first signs of problems with your roof is usually a leak or a damp patch within your property.

If you are unsure where the water is coming from, or what is causing the problem, then you need to inspect your roof, both internally and on the outside.

The age of your roof, how well you’ve kept it maintained and the extent of the problems will give a good indication of whether the roof can be easily repaired, or whether it needs a complete refurbishment.

If you are in any doubt about the condition of your roof, then call in roofing professionals to perform a detailed survey.

Inspecting your roof from the outside

You may be able to perform an inspection of your roof from the ground looking up.

A set of binoculars will help you identify obvious problems, such as blocked gutters and broken tiles.

Inspecting your roof internally

If you can do so safely, also inspect your roof space internally, checking the walls for signs of damage and wear and tear.

Calling in specialist help to fix your broken roof

Once you have a clearer view of the visible problems then you can speak with roofing specialists about what is required to fix your roof and how much it will cost.

Contact several specialist roofing companies to do a survey and provide a written quotation, specifying the work that they believe is required.

Extra costs to consider

For anything more than a minor repair, you will usually find an extra charge included in your quotation for scaffolding.

Safe working on a roof almost always involves erecting scaffolding, which can add significantly to the overall

Depending on the shape and height of your roof, prices can range from £150 for a small access tower to £3,000 or more for complex scaffolding all the way around a large house.

A job that may cost £100 to do at ground level may cost £500 at roof level, simply because of the height involved.

Cash Emergency Bible: Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof

Fixing a damaged roof

A completely new roof is a significant expense, costing thousands of pounds but the good news is that many problems can be fixed with a simple repair.

In most cases, it’s best to call in professional roofers but there are some temporary low-cost fixes that you can do yourself using supplies from your local DIY store.

There’s lots of information online about replacing roof tiles, specific to different roof and tile types. Search for videos and articles that fit your needs and call in a professional roofer if you unsure about what to do.

If working on your roof yourself, even for a small repair, ensure that you carry out the work safely using the appropriate ladders, including a roof ladder, or scaffolding

Fixing the felt in flat roofs

Flat roofs are usually covered in asphalt or roofing felt.Cash Emergency Bible: Tips to assess and fix a damaged roof

You can fix tears in your roofing felt by putting a patch of new felt underneath, using special sealant to hold it in place.

Making a temporary repair to a roof tile

If you can’t replace a cracked roof tile straight away, you can make a temporary repair to stop the leak.

You’ll need a wire brush to clean the area and then some flashing strip primer to cover the crack. Flashing strip can then be used to cover the broken tile.

Paying for roof repairs

The cost of roof repairs varies significantly depending on the size of job and amount of scaffolding required to safely carry out the work.

If you are concerned about finding the money to cover your roof repairs, then consider a short-term loan.

If you are approved, then the money could be in your bank account in as little as one hour and the funds can be repaid on your next payday or over a period that suits you.