7 Hotel Secrets Only Insiders Know

7 Hotel Secrets Only Insiders Know
August 14, 2019 Felicity Anderson

7 Hotel Secrets Only Insiders Know

Love the robes, mini-bar and room service but not so keen on those hefty hotel prices? It’s time that we let you in on our favourite hotel secrets.

Room rates can vary wildly depending on when you book, your preferred location and the days that you’ll be staying.

Today CashLady reveals seven secrets that only insiders know so that you can sleep soundly during your next hotel stay, safe in the knowledge that you got the very best deal.

Hotel secrets for securing the best deals

1. Book 30 days before your hotel stay

If you know exactly where you want to stay, then lock in your room rate at least 30 days before your trip, which is when the best prices are on offer.

Don’t make the 30 day cut off?  There is another window of opportunity for you to enjoy those last-minute low prices, which is 7-10 days before your trip.

​2. Wait until the last minute to book a hotel room

If you can hold your nerve or are willing to shop around, then waiting until the last minute to secure your hotel room could be the secret for you.

Insiders reveal that typically only 60% of rooms in a hotel are occupied each night, meaning that they want to fill the remaining rooms – even if it’s for far less than the usual rate.

If you want to snap up one of these last-minute deals then head for third party websites, as the hotels are less likely to offer them via their own websites.

A word warning though – don’t expect to find these deals at prime places during peak season, such as New York at Thanksgiving or Rome during the summer.

3. Stay on a Sunday

7 Hotel Secrets Only Insiders Know

If you’re flexible with dates for your trip, then stay over a Sunday – our hotel insiders reveal that data shows it’s the cheapest night across most destinations and hotels.

This will help bring down the total costs of your break.

4. Hit the tourist spots during the week

What we’re learning from our insider tips is to think logically about when to plan your hotel stay – and aim to travel when most people don’t.

If you fancy hitting up a popular tourist spot, for example on a city break, then aim for during the week when locals will be at work, instead of the weekend when prices will be higher.

During the week you’ll enjoy lower room rates plus – even better – you might be able to enjoy the tourist sights more as they’ll be less busy with other likeminded travellers.

5. Stay in the business districts on the weekends

Savvy hotel seekers should check out the city’s financial districts on the weekends when the hotels there will be far less busy with their usual business customers who will be at home.

One insider snapped up a plush room Zurich’s business district for half the price than would be midweek.

6. Watch out for inflated hotel room rates due to local events

7 Hotel Secrets Only Insiders Know

All insiders know to check for major events at your destination before locking in a room rate.

Festivals, concerts, local holidays and other events can inflate hotel prices so be sure to do your research first using your destinations tourism website, which usually offers a calendar of events.

If you see anything major happening, then plan around it.

7. The more flexibility the better

The more flexible that you can be with your travel dates – the better.

If you know your chosen destination, then check out prices over various weeks and months to see what’s cheapest.

Prices will vary significantly, so it pays to plan in advance.

Use insider tool, the Trivago.com Hotel Price Index, which shows average monthly prices for hotel rooms across the world to help select the cheapest time to stay.