6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions

6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions
March 30, 2018 Lauren Howells

6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions

If you are not lucky enough to have a big bathroom with plenty of space, clever bathroom storage ideas are essential.

With nowhere to put extra toilet rolls, shampoos or your makeup, it is easy to end up with a bathroom that not only feels cluttered but is also fiddly to clean. 

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the most ingenious bathroom storage solutions of all time. No matter how small your bathroom, you are sure to find some great bathroom storage ideas that will not cost you the earth.  

#1 Shell out on some shelves 

6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions

In a small bathroom with limited floor space, a new bathroom cupboard is often simply not an option.

Shelves, on the other hand, can be fixed to the wall to provide somewhere to store your lotions and potions. Plus, as you can easily see all of the products you use on a regular basis, there’s no need to scramble through a cupboard to locate what you need. 

A few shelves with a neat display of products looks a lot better than everything balanced on the sink.

Consider purchasing a glass shelf for above your sink, so that it will not get damaged by water.  

You could also try to put a shelf or two near the ceiling or above your bathroom door if you need more storage.

#2 Space saving towel racks

If you are looking for bathroom storage ideas for a small bathroom, where to hang your towels can often pose a problem.

Fixing towel racks to the back of your bathroom door is a super way to save space.  

No need to take up any wall space or to have a freestanding towel rack taking up valuable floor space.  

Plus, when guests walk into your bathroom, they will not be able to see your towels.

Win, win, we say. 

#3 Bathroom storage ideas: Magazine holders

This may seem like a strange one but bear with us.  

Fitted to the inside of a cupboard door, a metal magazine holder provides a great place to store bottles of shampoo or tubes of toothpaste.  

Space that you have freed up on your bathroom cupboard shelves can be used for something else. 

Just remember to check that the screws you are using are not thicker than the cupboard door. Otherwise, you could end up with spikes sticking out of your bathroom cupboard! 

Add a magnetic strip or two to ‘stick’ your hair clips and tweezers too, and you could be in line for the prize of tidiest bathroom cupboard ever.  

#4 Lazy Susans

For those who have never heard of this strange-sounding device, a Lazy Susan is basically a circular device which you can turn. They are usually used in the centre of a table so everyone can reach all of the food without having to lean over. 

Lazy Susans can also be utilised in bathroom cabinets so that you do not have to reach to the back of the cupboard to pick out what you want. Simply place one in the cupboard, put your bottles of products it and then turn. The products at the back will come round to the front. Genius. 

#5 Hidden storage

6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions

Credit Shanty2Chic

For those of you who like a bit of DIY, a full-length mirror with some shelves hidden behind it is a great way to add some storage and a little light. 

This one on Shanty2Chic.com should provide you with some inspiration.

#6 Baskets, baskets and more baskets

Baskets are one of the best bathroom storage ideas. Not only are they pretty but they are also really versatile. 

6 Space saving bathroom storage solutions

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Place some baskets in your bathroom cupboards to help you keep your products organised. 

Alternatively, purchase some baskets that are designed to hang from the wall. These can be used in

addition to a few shelves or as an alternative to them.

Simple bathroom storage ideas

Reorganising your bathroom with some original bathroom storage ideas can help to make your bathroom feel less cluttered.

Plus, with the right storage, you can sort your stuff, so that you can access it when you need it, without too much fuss.

Creating a bathroom that feels spacious and clutter-free does not have to cost much.

With a bit of planning and little organisation, you can have your bathroom looking great in no time at all.