50 Side Hustle Ideas – Well-known Freelancing Jobs

50 Side Hustle Ideas – Well-known Freelancing Jobs
December 13, 2019 Lauren Howells

If you are looking for extra cash to boost your bank balance, pay back a short-term loan, or want to test  if there is a demand for your skills before you leave your full-time job, one of our well-known freelancing jobs could be the ideal side hustle for you.


Being hired to work on different projects by a range of companies can have its advantages. You can often complete the work to your own schedule and often from the comfort of your own home.


Looking for freelancing inspiration? You’ve come to the right place…


Home based customer service roles


Many businesses outsource their customer service requirements This gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash by manning their customer service channels and answering their customer queries.


In this day and age, a lot of customer questions and complaints are submitted via online chat, which is ideally suited to a home-work setting.


Pay can vary from around £6 – £12 per hour, depending on the company and your experience.


PeoplePerHour is a good place to start looking for jobs.


Earn money by ghostwriting?


You only need to do a quick google search on any subject to find out how much content is available out there. Someone has to write it all. Why not you?


If you have a passion for writing and a good grasp of grammar, this side hustle could pay well.


Again, look for writing gigs on PeoplePerHour or send an email out to businesses in your local area to see if they need any help with their website or blog.


Make money as a Virtual Assistant?


Many smaller businesses and individuals are turning to freelancers to help them with administrative tasks.


As a VA, you may be required to do everything from answering the phone, to booking flights to far-flung destinations.


Set up shop on your own or get in touch with a business like Virtalent or Admin Angels UK to see if you can join their database of VAs.


Can I earn extra cash driving?


Have a driving licence and your own set of wheels? You could make some additional money by driving your fellow citizens around your local area.


Register with Uber and select when you are and aren’t available to drive. You can even set a ‘driver destination’, so you can earn money by only picking up passengers on the route you were going to go on anyway, like your daily commute.


Is food delivery a good side hustle?


Food delivery is big business.


You could earn extra cash by delivering takeaways to hungry residents in your local town.


One of the main advantages of this side hustle is that you can work when it suits you. Plus, you don’t have to keep your car squeaky clean like you would if you were driving people around town.


If you don’t have your own car, you can sign up as a scooter or even a bicycle delivery service.


Sign up with Uber Eats or Deliveroo.


What is Amazon Mechanical Turk and can I earn cash from it?


Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing marketplace where companies outsource jobs to workers who complete ‘microtasks’.


It’s not big money but the jobs are small and simple and can be done from home in your spare time. Sign up here to get started.

Is it possible to earn money as a mystery shopper?


If you like the idea of earning money as a mystery shopper, you really can get paid money to shop!


Retail businesses pay money for people to test out their customer service (over the phone and in their shops) or spy on their competitors.


One person claims to have made $14,000 (around £10,500) per year through mystery shopping.


Sign up with websites such as MarketForce or Ipsos to get started.


Can I be paid to be a film or TV extra?


If hanging out with celebs all day and being paid for it sounds like your perfect side hustle, then sign up to become a film or TV extra.


Filming takes place all over the UK but you’re more likely to have more regular work if you’re in a big city like London.


What can you expect in terms of pay? According to this website, you’re looking at around £65 for a nine-hour day, lunch included.


How do you begin your extra side hustle as a film or TV extra? Register with a casting agency like Universal Extras.


Summary: well-known freelancing jobs


Side hustling as a freelancer can help you make the most of your spare time or even find an ongoing job that fits in with your life.


Being self-employed opens up opportunities that may even, one day, be so lucrative that you can quit your full-time job.


Whether you want to earn small payments doing ‘microtasks’ from home on Mechanical Turk or spend your days with the stars on a film set, when it comes to popular freelance side hustles, the possibilities are almost limitless.