50 Side Hustle Ideas – Earn Money By Helping People

50 Side Hustle Ideas – Earn Money By Helping People
December 12, 2019 Lauren Howells

Side hustles don’t have to be purely self-serving. There are many ways that you can earn money by helping people do the things that they can’t (or won’t) do themselves.


Could you provide a handyman service?


If you enjoy a bit of DIY and are handy with a hammer, you could make money by undertaking some of the tasks around the house that require a set of tools.


As people’s lives get busier and more hectic, hiring a handyman to put up the odd shelf or repair a dripping tap is becoming more and more common.


Websites like TaskRabbit are the ideal platform to advertise your services and find work.


Will someone pay you to do their ironing?


Ironing has to be one of the most dreaded of all the household tasks.


This means that if you don’t mind ironing someone else’s clothes, you could be onto a winning side hustle.


The investment in equipment is minimal, as you only need an ironing board and an iron to get going.


Advertise your ironing service on Facebook (any local community pages are the ideal place to start), Gumtree, or in your local shops. A lot of your clientele are likely to be busy commuters, so consider heading to the town train station first thing in the morning to flyer potential clients (always check if you need permission, first).


Can a window cleaning service make money?


If you don’t mind heights, helping people keep their windows sparkling can be a lucrative side hustle. If you own a ladder, a bucket and a sponge, you’re already halfway there. And as windows will get dirty again and again, you will hopefully have lots of repeat business if you do a good job.


Help people move house?


Many people can’t afford the full removal service, so are just looking for someone to help them lift boxes in and out of a van.


Plus, as most people want to move at weekends, this is a great one to go for if you work the normal 9-5 during the week. Again, TaskRabbit is a good website to find potential customers.


Make money providing a pet sitting service


With an estimated 50% of UK adults owning a pet, caring for someone’s animals while they go away for work or pleasure is big business. According to one website, you could end up earning £40 or more every day.


Advertise your services in your local paper and on your local community social media pages.


Earn cash by from dog walking


If getting some fresh air into your lungs is attractive, you could easily boost your income more by adding a dog walking service to your repertoire.


Register on Rover.com to find people in your local area looking for someone to walk their pooch.


Not only will you be helping people and earning cash, you’ll get some exercise in the fresh air, too!


Become a part-time carer?


If you enjoy caring for others, this side hustle is a great way to earn money and give something back to your local community.


Depending on your experience and qualifications, you could do anything from looking after an elderly person to helping out around the house.


Websites like care.com can help match you up with potential customers.


Earn extra cash by babysitting


It might not be the world’s oldest profession, but earning cash from babysitting must be up there! Parents all over the country are looking for childcare providers to look after their children while they go to work or for an evening out.


According to childcare.co.uk, a social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors, babysitters tend to be paid an average of around £9 per hour in the UK. For a more accurate forecast of what you could earn, enter your postcode into their childcare cost calculator.


Earn money tutoring


If youhave invested in your education and can teach others what you know, put your education to good use and earn money tutoring others. The rewards could be worth it; one side hustler claims that they’re earning $1,000 (around £760) per week with their tutoring business.


Use a website like tutorhunt.com to find students or parents in your area looking for someone with your skills.


Summary: earn money by helping people


Conduct research on your local area to find out what people need where you live. For example, if you live on the commuter belt, there may be people who will practically beg you to do their ironing, so they don’t have to do it when they get home from work. If you live in an area favoured by families, babysitting services may be in high demand!


Bringing in some extra cash while helping people is one of the most rewarding categories of side hustling. So what are you waiting for? Set up your side hustle today.