50 Side Hustle Ideas – It’s a dirty job…

50 Side Hustle Ideas – It’s a dirty job…
January 9, 2020 Lauren Howells


It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. If you are not averse to getting your hands dirty, there are plenty of ways to earn some extra cash in your spare time.


In fact, this could be one of the most lucrative side-hustle categories, if you know where to look. As modern-day life places ever-more demands of our time, many of us are guilty of outsourcing at least some of our everyday tasks.


Those jobs that mean we have to get our hands dirty, are often put to the very bottom of our to-do lists. This is very good news indeed for wannabe side hustlers looking for a way to earn some extra dosh.


We take a look at some of the more grubby ways to grow your bank balance.


Can I make money changing car oil?


Lifting up the bonnet of our cars is something many of us will only do if we’re pushed.


If you know your engine from your exhaust, you could set up a business offering people the chance to have their car’s oil changed on their driveway.


Know how to repair cars? You could join up to a platform like ClickMechanic to earn around £35-55 per hour.


Can I make money taking away someone else’s rubbish?


If you have ever had any kind of clear out, you will know how much junk there is lying around in the average house. And there’s money to be made by taking away all the stuff that people no longer want.


If you already have a van, your start-up costs will be relatively low. Just make sure that you follow the relevant laws and register your rubbish removal company.


To make it eco-friendly, put processes in place to make sure you resell and recycle as much as you possibly can. Don’t forget to advertise that you do this to potential customers.


Need convincing? Find out how a junk-hauling side hustle turned into a $1 million-per-day-in-sales business.


Could I earn cash mowing lawns?


If you have ever looked after a garden, you will know how much maintenance is involved to keep it looking smart.


As we are all working longer hours, there are plenty of opportunities to be paid to keep people’s lawns looking lovely.


All you’ll need is a lawnmower, a trailer (to transport your lawnmower in) and some flyers to advertise your services. Local Facebook groups and shops are a good place to start your marketing campaign.


Is it possible to get cash for cleaning?


This is the one job that many of us dread. Which is why so many people have a cleaner come into their homes for at least a couple of hours a week.


If you don’t mind mopping, dusting and generally getting your hands dirty, this side hustle is a quick and easy way to earn some cash.


It’s not just homes that need a cleaner; offices all around the country are cleaned during the evenings and weekends. So it’s an ideal side hustle if you work the normal 9-5.


How can I make money washing cars?


It’s one of the most popular tasks that we outsource: the valeting of our cars.


This means that there’s lots of people looking for someone to give their car a thorough scrub and polish, making it potentially a very profitable side hustle.


Consider offering a mobile service that goes directly to your customer’s homes, so they don’t even have to move their car from their driveway in order to get it sparkling clean.


Can I earn cash collecting rubbish?


Yes, you read that right. There’s money to be made from gathering garbage.


Everything from egg boxes to plastic milk bottle tops could potentially be sold to make you some extra money. However, you’ll need to collect in big quantities to make any decent cash, as according to TopCashBack, 50 egg boxes sell for around £6.


Summary: It’s a dirty job (but somebody has to do it)


Some of the most grubby jobs have the biggest side-hustle potential. Being willing to do what others don’t want to, can open up some serious side-hustle opportunities.


Whether you choose to take away unwanted junk, keep your neighbours’ gardens looking tidy or get yourself greasy under a car bonnet, getting your hands dirty is a great way to further your finances.