5 Ways to Slash Costs on Group Holidays

5 Ways to Slash Costs on Group Holidays
June 11, 2018 Lauren Howells

5 Ways to Slash Costs on Group Holidays

Group holidays are a great way to enjoy some time away from home when you are on a budget, as there are lots of ways that you can cut costs and save money.

We take a look at five fantastic things that you can do to slash costs when holidaying with others.

  1. Going self-catering on group holidays can mean big savings

One of the advantages of going on holiday with your family and friends is that you can split your accommodation costs with others.

Booking a large villa or gîte can often be a much cheaper option than a hotel of a similar standard. Plus, you may be able to find somewhere with your own private pool.

There is a common misconception that camping is a cheap holiday option. When it comes to group holidays, this is usually not the case. By the time you have all paid for tent pitches for a week or two, especially in peak season, it may have worked out cheaper to book a villa.

And it is not only your accommodation where you can cut costs. Buying food from the local supermarket and cooking in bulk can result in big savings, compared to eating out at local restaurants.

  1. Choose your mode of transport carefully

If you are holidaying in a big group, flights can become expensive.

Going somewhere within driving distance of the UK could help you to economise. For example, when you take a ferry or the Eurotunnel to France, you pay for your car, not the number of people in it.

Consider that you can fit five people in the average car and you can see that there could be big savings to be made.

Plus, this way, you will not have the added expense of having to hire cars when you arrive at your destination.

Alternatively, if you have to fly to your chosen destination, find out when the cheapest flights leave. You could make big savings by flying out the day before your holiday rental starts, for example. The cost of a budget hotel for a night at the airport you are flying into, could be much cheaper than flying peak time the next day.

  1. Be flexible about where you holiday

The price of accommodation varies from country to country.

A 4 bedroom house that can sleep 8 people, can cost around £500 for a week in August in the heart of the Loire Valley in France.

A house that can sleep the same number of people in Cornwall, could cost around £2,000 for the same week!

Being flexible about where you spend your group holidays can result in big savings.

Negotiate the price of your group holidays

  1. Negotiate the price of your group holidays

Haggling for your holiday is a great way to cut back on costs.

When booking self-catering accommodation, it is always worth checking to see if the advertised price is negotiable. Negotiation can be done directly with the owner if booking through sites such as homeaway.co.uk.

If you are booking your holiday last minute, this may give you more of a bargaining tool, as the owner will probably not want their house to sit empty and earn them no money.

  1. Holiday out of season

One of the best ways to save money on group holidays is to book to go away outside of peak season.5 Ways to Slash Costs on Group Holidays

If you are lucky enough to be relatively flexible as to when you take your holiday, then steer clear of taking your trip when the schools are off.

For some, it will not be possible to go away outside of the school holidays. In this case, savings can still be made by taking your ‘summer’ holiday in May or October half term.

Slash costs on group holidays

Going on holiday with a big group of our nearest and dearest is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, travelling as a group is a great way to save money, as you can split costs of both travel and accommodation. You could even end up staying somewhere much nicer than you could have afforded if you did not go away with others.

Being flexible as to where and when you holiday can also result in big savings.

Haggling is also a vital tool that you can use to cut costs. It may feel alien to us Brits, but negotiating when booking your time away from home can help you to have the holiday that you want within a tight budget.