5 Ways Gamers Can Make Extra Cash

5 Ways Gamers Can Make Extra Cash
April 17, 2019 Felicity Anderson

young professional female gamer making extra cash through gaming

Are you a gamer who wants to make extra cash?

You might be inspired by the high-profile gamers raking in thousands of pounds a month by live streaming their play but it’s important to be realistic.

While there are certainly ways to earn extra cash while enjoying your favourite hobby, it’s unlikely that you’re going to bring in a fortune. Plus, the cost of buying the best equipment to play your games on smoothly can be pricey – especially if you resort to cash loans to fund it.

Today CashLady shares five ways gamers can make extra cash, from beta testing to streaming and writing online.

Making extra cash from gaming

There are some gamers out there making heaps of extra cash.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is the most popular professional gamer in the world, earning a staggering $500,000 per month from live streams of gameplay, according to Business Insider.

If spending 12 hours a day playing Fortnite isn’t your thing then don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to make some extra cash on the side while gaming.

How to make extra cash from gaming

#1 Develop a social media presence

You’re more likely to make extra money from gaming if companies get to know you and can find you online.

Live and breathe gaming? Create social media channels that reflect this and network widely in the online gaming community.

#2 Become a beta tester

Professional female gamer earning extra cash through beta testing

Make some extra cash and stay ahead of the gaming curve by becoming a beta tester.

Every game that you play will have been tested before hitting the market and the testers will have been paid well for their time.

It’s unlikely that you would be testing a popular game and you might find that it’s prone to Glitches – but that’s why you are testing it.

Finding a company to hire you could be tricky, which is where your awesome online profile comes in and will hopefully get you noticed by the right people. They will then come to you.

#3 Earn extra cash by winning championships

A great way to earn extra cash if you’re good at gaming is by winning tournaments with real cash prizes.

Call of Duty, for example, allows you to move on to the championships after the playoffs and if you get into the finals then winning the tournament will result in a cash payout.

FIFA 19 meanwhile offers a cash prize for winning the championship, which is even shown on Sky Sports.

#4 Start streaming on Twitch for extra cash

Professional female gamer earning extra cash by being a twitch streamer

Lots of gamers are making extra cash by streaming their gameplay on YouTube and Twitch.

Twitch is a streaming platform from Amazon, allowing you to earn money from your subscribers.

Fortnite is popular across the site but you could even earn money from playing online chess – so long as you get your subscriber numbers up.

Just like YouTube, with high subscriber numbers comes a large audience, which brings with it lucrative opportunities for advertising and sponsorship.

#5 Earn extra cash by writing about gaming

A great way to earn extra cash is by writing about a subject that you know inside out and are passionate about – gaming.

It’s a competitive field so if you are going to go for it you will need to work hard and establish yourself by providing examples of your writing.

An impressive online presence will also help you get noticed by the right people and give you an idea of the kind of topics that people are talking about in the gaming world.

To get started you could set up and write your own blog and start creating your own reviews and articles, ideally finding a particular niche that isn’t already being written about.

If your blog grows in popularity, then you might find opportunities for charging for advertising on your site.

Alternatively, you could try writing freelance for an already established website and get paid per article.

This could be the easiest place to start as you won’t have to create your own website and generate a following since it’s already done for you.

Remember that writing well is time-consuming and you might struggle to manage this extra work on top of your day job and any family commitments.