5 Fun School Lunch Box Ideas

5 Fun School Lunch Box Ideas
August 8, 2018 Felicity Anderson

5 Fun School Lunch Box Ideas

Another school year means another year of daily lunch box ideas.  Tired of preparing boring ham sandwiches or uninspiring salads? Here CashLady small payday loans provides five fun and healthy school lunch box ideas that will have your child looking forward to lunch.

Fun school lunch box ideas

Encouraging your child to eat healthily and avoid the lure of sweets and crisps isn’t easy, especially when they’re out of sight.

Sending your kids off to school with a lunchbox packed full of nutritious food with a delicious element of fun, means they will enjoy healthy food every day – without even knowing it.

Foods to include in a balanced lunch box

According to NHS choices a balanced lunchbox should contain:

  • Starchy foods like bread, rice, potatoes or pasta
  • Protein foods like meat, fish, eggs or beans
  • A dairy item, like cheese or yoghurt
  • Vegetables or salad and a portion of fruit

Making lunch fun

Key to keeping your kid’s lunch boxes fun is mixing it up so they regularly enjoy something a little different.

Instead of preparing sandwiches using bread every day, mix it up and include pitta bread, bagels and wraps sometimes too.

DIY lunches are also often a hit with hungry kids providing a welcome something out of the ordinary.

Chopping up vegetables to dip in hummus or providing a wrap that they can assemble themselves will inject a little fun come lunchtime.

Finally, inject some colour and new flavours. Eating the rainbow is both healthier and much more appetising than boring beige foods.

#1 Hummus dip with pitta bread and vegetable sticks

Delicious, fun and super nutritious, hummus can be easily prepared at home from scratch or purchased in containers from the supermarket.

Pop the hummus in a tub and provide with a halved pitta bread and some chopped up carrots and celery for delicious dipping.

Find a recipe for quick homemade hummus on the BBC website here.

#2 Healthy and fun skewers

5 Fun School Lunch Box Ideas

Providing endless options for variety, popping food on skewers is a fun and healthy way for kids to eat.

Older kids and teens can handle a wooden skewer but for younger kids use a lollypop stick or a straw instead.

Skewer anything from cooked chicken to ham or prawns along with tomatoes, cheese, or roast peppers.

Cut the vegetables into shapes to make the skewers really fun – we love cucumber hearts.

Ideal for both healthy lunch and snack ideas, these are a great way for your child to eat their five a day.

#3 The best lunch bagels

A substantial and filling addition to your school lunch box ideas are bagels, which are more fun than the usual bread sandwich.

Fill it with a nutritious filling such as salmon and salad to ensure that your child is eating a lunch full of good fats or opt for a summery filling of light spreading cheese and sliced cucumber.

Once the filling is sorted you can add a set of ‘eyes,’ using rounds of apple topped with a blueberry, then wrap it in cling film.

#4 Rainbow wraps for lunchtime fun

Another fun way to eat, wraps can hold all the usual sandwich fillings, such as tuna mayonnaise or chicken salad but rainbow wraps provide something fun and a little different.

Spread the hummus between wraps, grate carrots to scatter on top of the hummus and then add a small 5 Fun School Lunch Box Ideashandful of rocket leaves and some seasoning before rolling up and wrapping in cling film or foil.

#5 Colourful tuna pasta salad pots

A layered salad incorporating bright colours is an easy way to encourage your kids to eat more healthily at lunchtime, providing ample school lunch box ideas.

First, make up a batch of tuna mayonnaise, season, and then mix it with cooked pasta, such as penne, once it has cooled.

Fill a tall plastic container the size of a large jam jar with a bottom layer of the tuna pasta mix and top it with a layer of lettuce, follow this with a layer of grated carrot, then one of chopped tomato and finally sweetcorn.

Finally, a fun salad that picky children won’t turn their nose up at.