5 Best Micro Job Websites to Boost Your Income

5 Best Micro Job Websites to Boost Your Income
September 4, 2019 Felicity Anderson

5 Best Micro Job Websites to Boost Your Income

Micro job websites offer the opportunity to boost your income by completing simple or slightly more skilled tasks on your computer – depending on the site you sign up to.

Allowing you to pick up jobs when you have free time or need some extra cash, huge numbers of internet users across the globe are signing up to this tasked-based way of working.

Today CashLady quick loans explores 5 of the best micro job websites, you’ll find online.

5 micro job websites to boost your income

Micro working means that you will typically be performing low skilled, short tasks, so your income from it is unlikely to break the bank.

That said, if you enjoy doing the tasks and can complete them in good time, then you may earn a reasonable hourly rate.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk?

Businesses and researchers submit Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) to the website.

Many of these HITs do not require special skills and there are thousands available to complete, from surveys to identifying images.

Some HITs take longer to complete than others and rates of pay per task vary. It is said that as you become more experienced, higher numbers of better-paying HIT’s become available to you.

You can complete as many HITs as you wish, there are no restrictions.

What you can earn

A 2018 academic study analysed 3.8m tasks completed by 2,676 workers on MTurk and found that average earnings through the platform amounted to just $2 per hour.

According to this MTurk focused Reddit feed however, workers in the UK have been privy to higher than usual paying HITs this summer.

How you are paid

Unfortunately for UK workers, the only payment available is onto Amazon gift card and not in your bank account.

2. Clickworker

What is Clickworker?

Anther micro job site, Clickworker is well known and always on the lookout for workers to create or correct texts, participate in surveys or search and categorise data.

What you can earn

According to Clickworker’s FAQs, you can make an average of $9. That’s around £7.50 per hour.

How you are paid

Jobs are usually payable 7 days after completion. You are paid using PayPal or directly into your bank account using Transferwise.

3. One Space

What is One Space?

Formerly called Crowdsource, One Space is a little more specialised than some of the other micro job sites.

The site is currently looking for applications from English & international language transcriptionists, small business & accounting writers and image and graphic designers.

They say that they usually also have roles for freelance data entry, product research and editing content so it’s worth applying even if you don’t see a role for you advertised.

This site also offers the opportunity to enhance your CV by working for projects from big-name clients like Staples, Overstock, Wal-Mart and eBay.

What you can earn

Although a lot of the tasks are low paid, some are quite attractive. The higher-paying ones depend on the task that you complete.

Writing tasks are usually billed on a word-per-word basis. The standard rate for writing jobs is up to around £0.029 per word, which could add up if you are a quick typist.

How you are paid

According to the website, you are paid quickly following approval for your work, using PayPal.

5 Best Micro Job Websites to Boost Your Income

4. Rapidworkers

What is Rapidworkers?

Another site offering workers the opportunity to complete simple tasks, this is focused on helping businesses enhance their online presence.

Jobs for workers include blogging about products, voting for videos on YouTube, following certain Twitter accounts and uploading images on social media.

What you can earn

Jobs pay from around £0.017 to £1.67 per task, depending on where you are. Apparently, the UK is one of the countries that enjoy the highest rates of pay.

There is no limit to the number of tasks you can complete per day so this amount looks low but could add up if you put the hours in.

How you are paid

You are paid using PayPal.  It can take a little while to receive your earnings, sometimes up to 7 business days.

5. Microworkers

What is Microworkers?

Workers can expect micro work from data mining to data characterisation, transcripts, surveys and research surveys.

What you can earn

Jobs pay up to $5, that’s around £4.20 depending on how long tasks take.

It’s said that the highest earners on the site can earn around $200 per month but it takes lots of hard work and reputation building.

How you are paid

Payments are all made in US dollars although workers can be based anywhere.

You can choose to withdraw using PayPal, Transpay and several other transfer solutions.

There are twice weekly payment runs on Wednesdays and Sundays and transfers can take 3-5 business days to appear in your account.