5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK
July 3, 2019 Felicity Anderson

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

Homeowner insurance is something that you need to seriously consider before signing on the dotted line for a new property.

Your home is likely one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make, not to mention one of the most important, and so it deserves proper safeguarding.

A good insurance company will offer great value premiums, excellent customer service and a range of coverage options.

Today, CashLady round up the top five homeowner insurance in the UK.

Why is homeowner insurance important?

Homeowner insurance could save you a massive headache, and significant amounts of money, if the worst should happen to your home.

Used when your home is damaged or burgled, a policy could cover the cost of replacing damaged or stolen items, repairs, temporary accommodation and much more.

It is important you get the right policy, or you might not receive the financial payout that you need.

Types of insurance for homeowners

In the UK there are two types of homeowner insurance and it’s likely you will legally need at least one to satisfy your mortgage requirements.

Building insurance

Building insurance is usually required by your mortgage lender. It covers the cost of damage to your building from situations, such as:

  • Theft, attempted theft or vandalism
  • Flooding and storms
  • Subsidence
  • Accidental damage

It also covers the cost of alternative accommodation if you have to move out temporarily following a claim.

Contents insurance

It might not be a legal requirement, but contents insurance is something that every homeowner and property renter should think about.

Covering the cost of replacements or repairs if your belongings are damaged or lost, resulting from fire, theft or accidental damage, it covers:

  • Furniture
  • Electrical goods, such as TVs and laptops
  • Clothes
  • Valuables, such as jewellery

A contents insurance policy can also protect the items in your garden, cash kept in your home and belongings you take away from your home.

How much does homeowner insurance cost?

You can buy building insurance and contents insurance separately or purchase them together as a combined home insurance policy.

According to Compare the Market, buildings insurance can cost from £106 per year, contents insurance could cost from £67 per year and combined they could cost from £136 per year.

Insurance companies for homeowners

There are lots of companies offering homeowner insurance in the UK, below we round up some of the best.

1. Admiral

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

Admiral home insurance has received some great customer feedback in the last 12 months, and it is rated 9.1 out of 10 based on 4450 reviews.

The well-known firm offers three levels of home insurance, each providing a range of different features.

You can select the most suitable cover for your needs online or over the phone.

Key features include family legal protection, home emergency cover, emergency boiler cover, and accidental damage cover.

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2. Aviva

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

Another well-known insurance provider, Aviva claims to have asked customers what they least like about home insurance providers and has sought to rectify these issues.

As such, it offers some great customer-friendly features, such as pay monthly, with no interest. You can also change the cover or cancel with no admin fees and there’s a live chat.

It also guarantees that at your next renewal, you will get the same or an even better price than if you were a new customer.

Choose from three levels of cover depending on what best suits your needs.

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3. Direct Line

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

Direct Line is currently running an introductory offer online, offering 35% off for combined building and contents insurance.

One of the UK’s top providers, it offers 3 levels of cover and has received an average score of 8.9 out of 10 based on 1107 reviews over the last 12 months.

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4. LV

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

LV home insurance comes highly recommended, with an average score of 9.1 out of 10 from 8200 reviews over the last 12 months.

It also offers a  25% online discount for new customers.

Key features of its cover include

  • a 24-hour UK emergency helpline
  • 12-month guarantee on all repairs when using its recommended repairer service
  • two levels of home insurance, Home or Home Plus.
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5. Churchill

5 Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in The UK

Another big insurance brand that we are all familiar with, Churchill offers two home insurance products.

You can also access optional extras such as home emergency cover, accidental damage cover and family legal protection.

99% out of 3064 customers surveyed over the last year has recommended using the firm.

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