5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design

5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design
March 28, 2018 Felicity Anderson

5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design

Bathroom wall coverings are an essential part of your new bathroom, providing much-neededwaterproofing for your walls, plus the opportunity to add a splash of originality to your design.

Whatever your budget and favourite bathroom look, there is the perfect wall covering for you, from tiles to cladding, glass or cost-effective plastic.

Here CashLady fast loans provides 5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design.

Bathroom wall coverings for your new design

With so many bathroom wall coverings available it can be tricky to know where to begin.

First, think about your overall bathroom design, such as whether it’s modern or traditional, minimal or more ornate and then decide what type of wall covering would complement it.

You’ll need to consider your budget at this point too. Tiles, paint and plastic wall coverings offer more options if your budget is limited, while the wall covering world is your oyster if you have more money to play with.

Whatever you chose to spend, you can make a big impact with an ambitious new bathroom wall covering and so we provide lots of inspiration below.

#1 Wood wall coverings for your bathroom

5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design

A wood walled bathroom is super ambitious and makes your room truly stand out.

The natural materials bring immediate warmth to the space, feeling both luxurious and stylish but somewhere that you can totally relax in.

Reclaimed wood brings a beautiful rustic feel or opt for a stylish Swedish look.

#2 Stone

Stone walls are a wonderful alternative to typical tiles or paint, achieving a high-end look without being too formal or stuffy.

Stone walls are both waterproof and eye-catching, yet sadly can be very expensive and difficult to install yourself, depending on the style of stone you choose.

If you prefer stone walls, purchase natural stone tiles, which look sleek and modern minus the hefty price tag.

#3 Tile wall covering for your new bathroom design

5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design

Tiles offer endless opportunities for your new bathroom design.

They come in different materials including marble, slate, ceramic, porcelain, and more, plus a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

A fully-tiled wall ensures your bathroom is waterproof while also making a statement. You can even continue the tile onto the floor for a continuous look, which works well in a small space.

For an ambitious wall covering select a tile in a bright or bold colour or pattern rather than choosing something too boring or drab.

#4 Plastic for a low-cost bathroom wall covering

If your bathroom budget is tight, but you still want to make a splash with your wall covering then consider plastic options, such as acrylic or laminate.

You can buy bathroom walls to go around your bathtub or shower that are made completely of acrylic.

These walls come in a wide range of prices, shapes, and styles, but are usually white or off-white, which isn’t particularly inspiring if you want to pack a punch with your design.

Laminate walls, meanwhile, are available in a high-gloss, glass-like finish or in a more traditional look, which allows you to match your waterproof bathroom walls to your entire house, depending on whether your home is modern or old-fashioned.

The wonderful thing about laminate walls is that they are lightweight, easy to install, and can last for years.

They also come in assorted colours and patterns, which is great when you want something more unique and interesting than plain white.

#5 Glass wall covering for a unique look

5 ambitious bathroom wall coverings to compliment your design

Perhaps the most ambitious look for your bathroom walls isn’t technically a wall covering at all.

Glass walls, while not always the most practical, are guaranteed to make an impact, particularly if you live out in nature, among beautiful scenery or have lots of light in your bathroom.

Both waterproof and futuristic looking, start smaller by installing glass shower walls or take it across the whole bathroom for a futuristic feel.

Privacy, will, of course, be an issue if you install glass walls so consider who will be using the bathroom and whether there could be lots of people around.

If you want to protect people’s privacy then consider inserting some modesty measures into your design, such as an opaque line through the centre of the glass.