The 4 Best Things about Pet Insurance

The 4 Best Things about Pet Insurance
September 3, 2018 Felicity Anderson

The 4 Best Things about Pet Insurance

If you own a pet then it’s likely that you have purchased, or have considered a pet insurance policy.

Pet insurance premiums can vary in price, ranging from single figures, reaching up to around £50 a month depending on the age of your pet and the type of animal that it is.

While not always cheap, pet cover is becoming essential as the costs of vet bills continue to soar.

Potentially saving you thousands of pounds and extra stress when your pet is sick or injured, here CashLady same day loans explores the four best things about pet insurance.

Why should you get pet insurance?

You might begrudge the cost of insurance premiums, but pet insurance offers valuable piece of mind.

Hopefully, you will never need to use it but, crucially, an insurance policy potentially covers enormous vet bills that you might not otherwise manage to pay.

According to recent figures from Money Saving Expert, the average insurance claim for pets is £757.

This is almost double what it was in 2006 – highlighting how sharply vet bills have increased over the last few years.

Bills can quickly soar into £10,000’s should your pet require surgery or treatment for a serious accident or illness, such as cancer.

According to vets, the increased prices are down to advancements in treatment and drugs, which should mean better treatment for your beloved pet.

With bills potentially coming in at £30,000 for more complicated surgery, it pays to consider an insurance policy for your pet.

The four best things about pet insurance

Below we look at four great reasons for purchasing a policy for your beloved dog, cat or any other furry creatures in your life.

#1 Piece of mind for your pet

With a pet care policy in place, you can rest assured that the costs of any expensive treatment are likely to be covered if you take your animal to the vet.

Worrying about your injured or sick pet is stressful enough without fretting about how you are going to cover the vet bills.

#2 Your pet’s treatment comes first

If you have the right type of pet insurance policy, then the cost of treatment won’t impact your decision on how to best treat your pet.

Depending on what’s wrong with your pet, the vet is likely to offer you various treatment options.

Some of these might offer more advanced techniques or a better prognosis but it’s likely that they will come at a price.

Treatment costs for a road traffic injury or complicated illness, for example, can also quickly spiral.

Your insurance policy would, however, cover treatment plus pricey extras, such as stays in a veterinary hospital and X-rays.

It can also provide the ability to treat pets for costly procedures such as tick paralysis, cruciate ligament surgery, cataract removal and spinal surgery.

#3 Your pet’s ongoing medical conditions are covered

The 4 Best Things about Pet Insurance

There are different types of pet insurance available, depending on the level of protection you prefer.

A basic policy, usually be the cheapest, will cover your pet’s treatment for 12 months if it has an injury or becomes ill.

After this 12-month period, however, you won’t be able to claim for the same illness or injury again while the policy is in place.

A more comprehensive lifetime policy, which costs more would cover the pet for the same injury or illness throughout their life, which could save you significant financial outlay for treatment and medication costs.

#4 Extra pet care costs are taken care of

Extra costs may also be covered depending on the specific pet insurance policy that you opt for.

These might include the costs of advertising and a providing a financial compensation if your pet is stolen.

If you’re a dog owner then your insurance policy should also cover public liability, which can be very important if your dog injures a person or causes an accident.

Your policy can also help cover the costs of boarding your dogs or cats in kennels or catteries if you’re hospitalised.

It may also offer a payout in the fortunate event that your pet dies or goes missing.

The 4 Best Things about Pet Insurance