12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn’t Think Of

12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn’t Think Of
April 23, 2018 Felicity Anderson

12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn't Think Of

The internet is full of organisation hacks designed to help frustrated cooks reclaim order and space in small or cluttered kitchens. Here CashLady rounds up some our favourite kitchen organisation hacks to help you clean up your kitchen space, making preparing food, cooking and cleaning, easier, and even more enjoyable.

From inserting drawers in spaces that you had never thought of, to making clever use of rods and hangers, we guarantee an easy breezy clutter-free kitchen space in no time.

Breakfast Storage Bar

If you’re lucky enough to have a breakfast bar then it’s likely that you have a medium to a large sized kitchen, which means that things can get messy and cluttered fast.

With an open plan space, it pays to integrate storage solutions that keep kitchen essentials out of sight, so consider adding shelves underneath your kitchen island, perfect for storing away vegetables, recycling or even pots and pans.

Paper Towel Drawer

Paper towels can take up a significant amount of worktop space, whatever size your kitchen but especially if it’s small.

Incorporate a large drawer with a built-in paper towel dispenser with space to store extra rolls instead of having it cluttering up worktop space.

Keep it close to the hob for when you’re cooking and cleaning and have to reach for the roll.

Baskets and bins for simple kitchen organisation

A super cheap and simple kitchen hack, organise your pantry with transparent pull out boxes, filled with your staples to avoid messy shelves and quickly see what you have and what you might need.

Modular shelving for small kitchens

Lack of storage is a common problem in many kitchens so get creative with your kitchen organisation and add floating shelves to your wall space – perfect for storing glassware and other essentials.

Pantry/fridge door organiser

Never forget to stock up on your fridge or store cupboard essentials again.

A chalkboard mounted on the inside of your fridge or pantry door makes it easy to take a note of grocery needs and daily schedules.

Attaching a piece of chalk with a ribbon or string ensures that you won’t have to go digging through drawers when you need to write something down.

12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn't Think Of

Hanging measuring spoons inside your cabinets

So simple, yet so effective, avoid jumbled drawers of measuring spoons and utensils by hanging them on hooks on the inside of your cabinet door to keep them organised.

A small appliance cabinet

Like the look of clutter-free worktops?

It’s almost impossible to clear your counters of your kitchen essentials, such as the toaster and kettle so consider a clever cabinet that incorporates a lift-up mechanism to store away appliances when not in use.

12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn't Think Of

An under-sink tension rod

The cupboard under the sink easily becomes messy thanks to the awkward shape of the plumbing, which makes it difficult to store things.

Add a tension rod along the top to hang up your spray bottles and a large mug (the rod goes through the handle) full of sponges.

Drawers under the cabinets

Those last few inches under your cabinets are usually wasted space but can be transformed with a simple kitchen organisation hack.

Turn that little space into clever little drawers, so you have a few extra inches to store flat, infrequently used items like baking trays and linens.12 Kitchen Organisation Hacks You Didn't Think Of

Diagonal drawer dividers

Drawers full of long-handled utensils, such as large spoons and ladles can quickly become muddled,making it difficult to access when you want to reach for something quickly.

Instead of using your drawer dividers vertically, follow this ingenious kitchen hack by placing them on a diagonal for a super organised drawer.

Using a tray for countertop clutter

Using a tray on your worktop for kitchen essentials keeps things looking neat and tidy because it keeps your must-have items in a designated space.

Consider popping your most frequently used utensils or herbs and spices on the tray within easy reach of your food preparation area.

Ensure the tray is regularly edited to only include what you really need – the rest can be stored out of sight using one of the clever solutions above.