10 Most popular airbnb travel destinations of 2018

10 Most popular airbnb travel destinations of 2018
May 25, 2018 Lauren Howells
10 Most popular airbnb travel destinations of 2018

Bournemouth, UK

If you are looking for inspiration for your summer holiday, then you might want to take a quick peek at the most popular Airbnb travel destinations 2018. Airbnb has analysed destinations that, compared to 2017, have doubled, tripled or more in bookings. You may be surprised by what you discover…

1. Airbnb travel destinations 2018: Gangneung, Korea

This South Korean city, based in the province of Gangwon-do, came top of the list of trending Airbnb travel destinations 2018, with a 2175% increase in bookings.

This comes as no real surprise, as the 2018 Winter Games took place there.

But this coastal city has so much more to offer tourists and could very well remain in the top 10 for some time to come.

2. Bournemouth, UK

No need to travel far for your summer holidays this year.

The English seaside seems to be gaining in popularity again after Bournemouth saw a 353% increase in demand. And with its beautiful sea views and a lively nightlife, it is easy to see why.

Reaching the number two spot on Airbnb travel destinations 2018 is no small feat.

3. Edmonton, Canada

In third place is Edmonton, Canada, which saw a 284% increase in bookings.

With Elk Island National Park less than an hour’s drive from the city and the possibility of seeing the spectacular Northern Lights, it is no wonder that Edmonton reached third place.

Plus, it is within driving distance of the Canadian Rockies.

4. Indianapolis, IN, USA

A 256% increase in bookings on Airbnb puts Indianapolis in fourth place.

Famed for its sports events and museums, this city is certainly not short of things to do.

5. Da Nang, Vietnam

10 Most popular airbnb travel destinations of 2018

Da Nang, Vietnam

Known as the tourist capital of South Central Vietnam, Da Nang has it all. From pristine beaches to stunning mountains, it is no surprise that this destination seems to be becoming more popular with tourists.

And with a 255% increase in bookings, visitors seem to be catching on to what it has to offer.

May to August is the ideal time to visit, so it is the perfect place for your summer holidays.

6. Columbus, OH, USA

Columbus’ tourism website tells prospective visitors that “big things are happening here, and you’re invited to join in”.

Reaching sixth place on Airbnb’s trending list with a 254% increase in bookings, it looks like they may be right.

If you like a holiday filled with food, coffee and cocktail bars (and who doesn’t?), plus the odd museum visit, then Columbus will not disappoint.

7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus

Also known as Famagusta, this city on the east coast of Cyprus attracts tourists from all over the world to see its 15th- and 16th-century Venetian walls and beautiful beaches.

With a 234% rise in demand, it easily made the Airbnb travel destinations 2018 trending list.

The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is also worth a visit.

8. Bilbao, Spain

Coming in at eighth place on the list but tying with Gazimagusa’s 234% increase in bookings, Bilbao is a fascinating port city on the north coast of Spain.

Famed for the Guggenheim Museum, the city is described by its tourism website as the “ gateway to the Basque cultural universe.”

Set against a backdrop of mountains, it is worth visiting for the views alone but it does have so much more to offer.

9. Hanoi, Vietnam

It is Vietnam again but this time it is Hanoi, its capital.

With a 212% increase in bookings, it does not fall too far behind Da Nang.

There is plenty to visit here, including the tiny streets in the Old Quarter and its hundreds of temples and pagodas.

10. Matinhos, Brazil


10 Most popular airbnb travel destinations of 2018

Cyprus – Save to Pinterest!

If your idea of a good holiday involves sea and a surfboard, then Matinhos will not disappoint.


Praised by tourists for its pristine beaches, it is easy to see why Matinhos has had a 209% increase in bookings over the past year.

Just do not forget the suncream.

Airbnb travel destinations 2018: the round-up

As well as its trending destinations list, Airbnb reported that beyond the normal urban apartment, the biggest surge in bookings was for more rustic places to stay, such as nature lodges, ryokans and traditional Japanese inns.

Even RV/camper vans saw a 133% increase.

It also reported that food experiences were the most popular, with 29% of bookings in the food and drink category.

It seems like the traditional summer holiday may be getting an overhaul.