10 Hilarious Back to School Memes Parents Will Relate to

10 Hilarious Back to School Memes Parents Will Relate to
August 10, 2018 Lauren Howells

10 Hilarious Back to School Memes Parents Will Relate to

It is that time of year again when back to school memes are being passed from one stressed-out parent to another. There is no doubt about it; getting the kids ready to go back to school can be tough. Sourcing everything your children need for the new school year, can feel a bit like you are in some kind of never-ending (and extremely fraught) game of hide and seek.

Add to this the fact that a little part of you (OK, maybe quite a big part) is actually pretty excited that, after summer days filled with non-stop activities to keep the kids entertained, you can actually kick back and relax a little, safe in the knowledge that your children are safe and sound in school.  If you are currently spending your days shopping for school uniforms and perusing pencil cases, take a break to look at our top 10 funniest back to school memes. Giggling guaranteed.

1. My Kids Are Back In School!

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On the first day back at school, after waving the kids off at the school gates, most parents breathe a big sigh of relief. Like reaching the end of a decathlon, making the necessary preparations for the new school year can be exhausting. Plus, as lovely as it is to spend time with the kids for 6 weeks, providing constant entertainment can take it out of the best of us.

We think that the expression of utter joy on this lady’s face says it all!

2. The First Day of School

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Your children may not completely share your joy that the back-to-school period is fast approaching.

If this photo brings back fond memories of years gone by, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone.

3. Perfect Parenting

Back to school memes

Before having children, we all have visions of what parenting will be like. We’ll have much better-behaved children than the other parents and our parenting style will have Gwyneth Paltrow looking on in awe.

Over the summer holidays, things can get a little…fraught.

This back to school meme really tickled us, showing that the reality is often a little different to what we had imagined.

4. Summer Break is Over

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OK, so maybe we don’t actually hate our children by the end of the summer…but as back to school memes go, this one sums up the general mood perfectly!

5. Grossly Underpaid Teachers

Back to school memes

Now is the time of year when we start to realise all over again how amazing teachers actually are. Six weeks of a few children not listening to us and messing up the house was enough for us. Never mind thirty or so children and many more weeks.

6. Buying Clothes for Kids

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Back to school memes are great at getting right to the heart of an issue and making it funny.

If you are uniform shopping over the next few weeks, you will definitely relate to this one!

7. Back To School Celebrations

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Not strictly part of the back to school memes category but this photo, taken when a supermarket was obviously (we hope!) restocking its shelves, made us laugh so much that we could not resist sharing it!

8. Happy Parents Day

Back To School Memes

When you are walking up and down the aisles in the supermarket looking for exactly the right type of glue to add to your child’s pencil case, just remember that the end is in sight.

9. School Lunch Preparation

Back to School Memes

If you have to make your kids a packed lunch every day, you will know the pain of going to all that effort, only to discover that your little darling has not eaten a single bite of their lovingly-made sandwich.

10. Running Late

Back to school memes

One thing that you probably will not have missed during the summer holidays, is the school-morning routine.

No matter how much we organise everything and prepare the night before, there is always something that happens that results in a mad dash out of the front door.

Keep calm and carry on with our back to school memes

It is just a few weeks until back to school time will be upon us again. If you are feeling fraught, take five minutes out with some back to school memes. They are guaranteed to make you see the funny side!

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